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Ola S1 Air New Variants Launched 

Ola electric today held a live event on its social media channel deciphering all the updates, announcements, and news for the S1 Air Electric Scooter. According to Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, the S1 Air is an electric scooter designed to challenge the dominance of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offering models with internal combustion engines (ICEs) in the mass scooter market.

Updates for S1 Air and S1 Pro

  1. Ola S1 is now available in a minor battery capacity mode, motor, range, and top speed. This also reduces the price of the scooter.
  2. Similarly, S1 Air was launched last year during Diwali and will have a lesser battery capacity, motor, range, and top speed variant. This is also available at lower prices.

Ola S1 Air New Variants


Ola S1 AirOla S1 
Battery capacity: 2 kWhBattery capacity: 2 kWh
Motor: 4.5 kWMotor: 8.5 kW
Range: 85 km(IDC)Range: 91 km(IDC)
Top Speed: 85 km/hrTop Speed: 90 km/hr
Price: Rs. 84,999Price: Rs. 99,999


Reservation and Deliveries for Ola S1 Air and S1


The reservation window and the deliveries for S1 and S1 Air are opening today and Deliveries will start in July 2023. A free upgrade of 3kWh is available if you have reserved the 2.5 kWh before today.

Ola Electric Future Plans 

  1. Ola will be opening 500+ experience centers in India by March 2023
  2. Ola S1 is India’s best-selling scooter.
  3. Ola is a community of 2,00,000 active users in India.

How is S1 Air a Game-changer?

S1 Air is an affordable option with the most advanced features. S1 Air is the most affordable electric scooter available in the market. If we compare the prices of S1 air with its direct competitors, then we can see a price difference.

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