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The wait for buyers eager to experience the much-hyped Ola Electric scooters is set to end soon. Ola Electric is all set to launch its very own Electric Vehicle center for customers to get a feel of their product before purchase.

OLA Electric is Opening its First Electric Vehicle Experience center and It aims to have one experience center in every city. The First Two Cities to get their own OLA EV Centers are Pune & Chandigarh

The EV centers will have facilities like Product Demos, Test Rides as well as after-sales service for the customers. This is being done to grab the attention of the customer. The customers can experience all of Ola’s features at the EV center.

Test rides will definitely give the customers an opportunity to test the product before buying and save them from making a wrong purchase decision. A product demonstration will help consumers in their purchase decision.

In addition, this will boost the appeal of Ola Electric Scooters to a wider audience and help build a sense of familiarity with the consumers with the brand. After-sales service will help ensure overall customer satisfaction as well as increase chances of customer loyalty This will also be a good way of redressing customers’ grievances and getting constructive feedback.


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