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Ola Electric stated that safety is a top priority for them, which is why the recent concerns raised by different media displays regarding the front suspension of its scooters were taken seriously. Despite being the top-selling electric scooter for the past few months, Ola Electric knew it had to address the issue to maintain the trust of its customers.

As a company committed to sustainability and providing affordable transportation options, Ola Electric is keen on dispelling any doubts about the safety of its product. In order to set the record straight, the company has released a statement addressing the concerns and providing important updates.

To save you time, we’ve summarized the key points from Ola Electric’s statement. It’s important for everyone to have access to accurate information, and we believe that transparency is key to building trust between companies and their customers.

Ola Electric Built Quality

Ola electric has acquired its electric scooter from a European company called Etergo.

Questions: The vehicle is not engineered or tested for Indian roads.

Ola electric claims: Ola Electric has put the electric scooter through a rigorous process of engineering, testing, validation, and homologation to ensure it meets the highest standards for Indian riders. The entire vehicle has undergone testing at three levels, including digital simulations, component tests, vehicular lab tests, and vehicular field tests. Ola has taken it a step further by fully reengineering it to make it the most suitable electric scooter for Indian roads.

Reality: It is true that Ola electric wanted to capture the first mover’s advantage and in this race, they didn’t test their vehicle according to the Indian roads leading to so many accidents in the first place.

To rectify its earlier mistakes, the company has brought so many upgrades to its electric scooter and software. Not just this, but the company has also started testing more electric scooters on the Indian road that too in difficult terrains to make a valid point.

Safety Testing Conducted 

Questions: The ola electric scooter is not safe to ride.

Ola electric claims: Ola electric has tested over 200 components and 5000 data points tested across functional, environmental, mechanical, structural, electrical, and safety tests. The company has conducted crash tests that are typically only done by four-wheeler companies.

Furthermore, they have conducted many tests in Indian conditions, ensuring that the vehicle can withstand the rugged terrain and weather conditions of the country. This is evident because the company claims that it has 500 engineers and riders who have put their scooters to the test, covering every corner of the country in temperatures ranging from scorching (50) degree heat to freezing (-10) degrees cold.

Reality: Ola scooters are 100% safe to ride and with the dual front suspension the safety has even gotten stronger.

Front Suspension Breakage 

Questions: The ola electric scooter front suspension breaks even with the slightest bumps

Ola electric claims: In May 2022, they encountered an inconclusive case and immediately took action to re-engineer the front fork of their electric scooters. By August of the same year, the new design was completed, followed by tooling, testing, and validation processes by December. The new and improved design was in production by January 2023.

Ola electric designed the original part with a 75% safety margin over and above compared to conventional twin fork systems. With the new design, they have taken safety to the next level, increasing the safety margin to 250%.

According to Ola electric, regulators typically require a recall when the failure rate of a component reaches a certain threshold. In India, that threshold is 10% of all vehicles sold. However, we have observed a really low failure rate in our case and we have voluntarily taken measures to upgrade the affected component to give our customers even greater peace of mind.

Reality: Ola has accepted its front suspension breakage issue, being a bigger person in the room. Suspension breakage was the biggest villain in the Ola electric success story. Therefore, Ola’s move of replacing the front fork suspension for free was a move in the right direction.

Front Fork Suspension Replacement 

Ola electric has invited all the Ola S1 and S1 Pro owners to upgrade their fork suspension free of charge. This session will begin on 22nd March 2023 at Ola experience centers.

Writer’s Note

Ola has taken a great step by debunking the notions and presenting a clean report. However, I am still baffled about the software issues, overheating, and Move OS3 issues that Ola scooters are facing in some cases. I think they are yet to make strides in this area.

While Ola has taken tremendous steps to address these issues, consumers should always research and carefully evaluate products before making a purchase. By prioritizing quality and transparency, both Ola and consumers can work together to ensure that products meet high standards of safety and reliability.

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