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Ola Electric has registered less than 1,800 electric scooters in the country so far – shows Vahan Dashboard (Government’s Vehicle Registration Portal)

According to the government’s Vahan dashboard data, Ola Electric has registered a total of 1,766 electric scooters in India since December 15.

In response, The company has claimed that the sale of electric scooters in the month of December was around 4,000.

Government Data shows that Ola Electric registered around 238 electric scooters in December, around 1,102 EVs in January, and 424 electric scooters in the first week of February.

To put things in context, EV registrations for rival Ather stood at 1,880 as per the vehicle dashboard for the month of January, while the company said it sold 2,825 units during the month.

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