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On April 22nd, 2021, OLA has announced its OLA Hypercharger Network Technology. OLA Electric has stated that it will build a Hypercharger network across India over the upcoming five years. Starting with the Ola electric scooter, these charging stations will be dedicated to Ola’s  Electric two Wheeler.

As part of the Hypercharger network, Ola Electric says it would build 1,00,000 charging stations in 400 cities across India. This will be the world’s largest and densest electric two-wheeler charging network, according to the company.

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It will be implemented in stages, starting with 5,000 charging stations in 100 cities in the first year. According to Ola, this capacity will treble the country’s current electric vehicle charging network.

Ola Hypercharger Network locations

The idea is to deploy charging stations in places where people congregate, such as IT parks, malls, cafes, public parking lots, office complexes, colleges, and businesses. The startup plans to make the network simple to operate, requiring only that the owner connect the electric scooter to the charging station.

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The Ola Electric app, which can also be used to pay for the units consumed, can display the battery’s charging status on a smartphone.

Ola Hypercharger Network Charging Time

Ola Electric claims that its Hypercharger network will be the fast-charging network for Electronic two-wheelers. These hypercharge stations can charge an Ola electric scooter to 50% capacity in 18 minutes, giving it a range of 75 kilometers.

According to Ola Electric, establishing the Hypercharger network will remedy India’s current lack of EV charging infrastructure. As a result, more individuals will choose electric automobiles.

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