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Ola Hypercharger Network Expanding 

Ola Electric has announced that they are expanding their Hypercharger network across the country at hyper speeds. The first stop on this electrifying journey set by Ola Electric is none other than the beautiful city of Bengaluru, known as Namma Bengaluru to the locals.

Hyper chargers in Bengaluru

With an ambitious plan of setting up 50 locations and 100 hyper chargers across the city, Ola Electric is working towards a future where every vehicle on the roads of Bengaluru is electric. Ola Electric Hypercharger network is designed to offer electric vehicle owners the convenience of charging their vehicles in just 15 minutes making it possible to go anywhere, anytime.

The hypercharge will be strategically located throughout the city, ensuring that there is always one within 15 minutes of wherever an Ola S1 Pro owner may be. This means that whether one is going to work, to a party, or even on a road trip, one will never be too far from a Hypercharger.

Free charging at Hyper charging stations

Additionally, Ola Electric is offering free charging at all hyper chargers for a limited period, making it even more attractive for people to switch to electric vehicles. The hypercharge will provide up to 70% state of charge for the Ola S1 Pro, and the time taken to charge and range depends on factors such as scooter temperature, ambient temperature, and age of the scooter.

The move towards an all-electric Bengaluru is a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future for the city. Ola Electric’s efforts in setting up a vast network of Hyperchargers will undoubtedly accelerate the transition to electric mobility, providing people with the means to travel more efficiently and with less impact on the environment.

How to Use Ola Hypercharger



  1. Locate the charging station using your scooter dashboard or Ola electric application
  2. Once you have reached, upon the arrival at the charging station, get the empty charging port and plug in the charging socket into the scooter.
  3. Upon successful connection, the charging process will commence and the scooter dashboard will display the ‘Hypercharging’ screen, along with an estimated time for the vehicle to reach 70% charge.
  4. To stop the process, kindly press the “Stop Charging button” on the scooter’s dashboard. Upon stopping you’ll see “Unplug the charger now.”
  5. Finally, unplug the charger and you are good to go.

Writer’s Remark

It’s heartening to see Ola Electric’s commitment to a greener future for India. The company’s Hypercharger network is a bold move towards accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, and it’s exciting to witness this transformation firsthand. Ola Electric is setting a shining example for other companies to follow, and it’s exciting to see where this journey will take us.

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