Ola 2 Lakh Electric Scooter Production 

Ola has set a new benchmark by producing 2 lakh units where they have shown appreciation for the female workforce in helping Ola Electric reach the limit. This achievement is not only remarkable in terms of production, but it also represents a major step towards gender parity in the technical workforce.

Ola sales performance

Ola is challenging all the norms of the electric vehicle world by setting a record-breaking selling target every month. In the month of March, Ola sold 27,000 units as in the previous month selling 18,270 units.

Ola’s upcoming plans and offers

  1. Exchange your old petrol scooter for a new Ola electric scooter by visiting Ola’s experience centers and getting the old vehicle checked.
  2. Get free upgradation of Ola Front from suspension by booking an appointment from 22nd March 2023 onwards.
  3. Refer your loved ones and get up to Rs. 2000 for Ola S1 Pro
  4. Ola Scooters got Zero processing fees on loans taken for the scooter
  5. Interest rates as low as 5.99% on EMI
  6. Get a 5% discount on IDFC First Credit Card EMI, AU Small Finance Bank Credit Card EMI, and One Card Credit Card EMI!

Ola S1 Pro price reduction

Earlier the Ola S1 Pro use to be available in the market at a price of ₹ 1,29,999 but now there is a reduction of ₹ 5,000 so that it is made available to a large audience.

Writer’s Remark

We live in a conflicted world where people are still calculating the pros and cons of Electric vehicles. But in the end, it is commendable to see Ola outperform the market and prove everyone wrong by being a first choice among consumers. The production of 2 lakh vehicles is a massive feat and a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality services to its customers.

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