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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ola-e-scooter-went-into-reverse-mode-at-speed-of-102kmph/An Ola s1 user tagged Ola Electric and Bhavish Aggarwal on Twitter and informed that their Ola S1 electric scooter accidentally went into reverse mode at a speed of 102 kmph when he wanted to ride the scooter.

User WroteThis is something highly dangerous about Ola Electric scooter. I was just about to go to the office and when I moved my throttle it went in Reverse mode at a speed of 102kmph. Unfortunately, I couldn’t record it though my phone fell from my hand.

Further, He Wrote ” Had a dangerous accident today. Please look into this matter urgently. I believe this was due to a software glitch but it’s totally serious and can take someone’s life on the road.”

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Update on Issue by the User-

“Bengaluru Head of Technical Team has arrived at Bhubaneswar today morning. And diagnosing the issue.”


  1. How an electric scooter with a small battery pics up 102 speed in a second. Even an Innova don’t have that much pickup. Just to be in lime light.

  2. So where is this video? The Phone conveniently fell to the ground. If you have any other proofs you can post that instead, like device logs.

    • You are right …may be display board shown 120kmph simply ….it is certainly software issue…vehicle can’t be balanced at 120 kmph in reverse. This person can get Guinness record for it if is not lying.

  3. For all those who are saying how can scooter move reverse in 102km of speed.its just the Speedometer Which showed the speed Of 102km but it was a normal reverse acceleration

  4. all those people saying who records while going to office no one does. he was never recording his bike it is very possible he was using his phone for something else when this happened.
    also ola claims 40nm of torque (duke 390 has about 37 nm of tourque) 40 nm from a electric motor is instantaneous and very possible for the bike to do 50-60kmph in a couple of seconds but 102 is practically impossible. but even a speed above 20 will be uncontrollable in reverse. and this error is very possible since ola uses software to control the drivetrain. instead of arguing about the man we should make sure ola doesnot sell even one bike without rectifying this grave error.

  5. Can somebody post a msg of “full satisfaction” with his e-scooter/ two wheeler after using a year or more? I need to replace my present old scooter.

  6. Try to understand who can ride in reverse! What he is trying to say is when he was normally riding at 102 kmph the scooter malfunctioned and automatically shifted to reverse mod that’s it!


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