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Okinawa R30 Electric Scooter 

Okinawa Autotech, an Indian electric two-wheeler Manufacturer company established in 2015, currently ranks second in the EV segment with a 17 percent market capture and is followed by Hero Electric.

According to a recent study, the demand for electric two-wheelers in India is projected to reach around 8.2 to 9.2 million units by 2030 and the numbers coming from the electric automobile industry seem to be aligned so far.

Today We will discuss the Okinawa R30 model of Okinawa Scooters which the company offers under the low-speed lithium-ion battery program and it is an unlicensed electric scooter.

Here are the price, range, and top speed Details of the Okinawa R30 Electric Scooter.

Price, Range, and Top Speedhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/okinawa-r30-price-range-and-top-speed/

Price Rs. 61,998 (on-Road) 
Range60 Km in a Single Charge
Top Speed25 km/h


Price – The Ex-showroom price of R30 starts at Rs. 61,998 and may vary as per the EV policies of different states.
Range- The range of R30 is 60 Km/Charge and the scooter is backed by a BLDC electric motor with a peak power of 250W.
Top speed – The top speed of R30 is 25 Km/h and can be charged with a Micro- Charger with Auto Cut Function.

Okinawa R30 comes with a push-button start and R30 can be pre-booked for Rs.2000 from their official site (booking amount will be deducted from the actual price of the scooter at the time of payment)

The company provides a Hand-Painted Custom Scooter option at an additional price of ₹15,000. The design and colors are done by professional artists with premium quality of colors and the buyer can select their choice from five different themes.
Available Theme: Chameleon Pearl Theme, Crystal Effect Theme, Crumbled Gold Theme, Honeycomb Theme, Galaxy Theme.


Top Speed 25 km/h
Range 60 km/charge
Maximum Load 150 kg
Peak Motor Power 250 W
Motor Type
 BLDC Electric Motor
Motor Warranty 3 Years/ 30,000 Km
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Charger Type Micro- Charger with Auto
Color OptionsMetallic Orange, Sea Green, Pearl White, Sunrise Yellow, Glossy Red

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What color options are available in Okinawa R30?

Ans. Metallic Orange, Sea Green, Pearl White, Sunrise Yellow, Glossy Red.

Q.2 Is there any warranty on the Battery of Okinawa R30?

Ans. Yes, the warranty period for Battery is 3 years.

Q.3 How much time does it take to charge Okinawa R30?

Ans. R30 can be charged from flat to full in 4-5 Hours

Q.4 Does Okinawa R30 have a removable battery?

Ans. Yes, the battery provided with R30 is portable and can be removed at the convenience of the rider/owner for the purpose of charging.

Q.5 How to Charge Okinawa R30 Electric Scooter?

Ans. The R30 can be charged with a Micro-Charger with Auto Cut Function.

Q.6 What is the warranty on the Motor of Okinawa R30?

Ans. The warranty period for the motor of Praise Pro is 3 years or runs up to 30,000 Km (whichever is earlier)


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