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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/okaya-ev-partners-with-12-finance-companies-for-low-interest-financing/ Okaya EV Partners with Financing Companies 


  • The Partnership extends to customers the advantage of zero processing fees, zero down payment, and receiving loan approvals within just 30 minutes.

Okaya EV, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has partnered with 12 renowned financial solution providers, including HDFC, Axis, IDFC, Loan Tap, Bike Bazzar, and others, to provide customers with attractive financing alternatives for its electric vehicles. The partnership aims to provide convenient and hassle-free financing solutions, making electric mobility more accessible to a wider audience.


As a result of this partnership, Okaya will offer the lowest interest rates, starting at 5.99%. Customers can enjoy the benefits of zero down payment, zero processing fees, and a flexible term of up to 48 months for both their low & high-speed product segments, allowing them to select repayment schedules that fit their financial situation and preferences.

With multiple financing partners joining forces with Okaya, a smooth and quick loan approval process will be possible. With loan approvals provided in only 30 minutes, customers can now enjoy a more simplified financing procedure that does away with the needless waiting and delays usually connected with loan processing.

Words by Managements 

Anshul Gupta
Managing Director, Okaya EV

Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya EV, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “We are delighted to partner with 12 esteemed finance companies to offer our customers the best financing options available in the market. This collaboration is a significant step towards our vision of promoting electric mobility and making it accessible to a larger audience. By providing low-interest rates, convenient loan approvals, and on-road financing, we aim to facilitate a seamless transition to electric vehicles, contributing to a greener and cleaner future.”


Okaya ev offers on-road financing, allowing customers to drive their dream electric vehicle home without

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/okaya-ev-partners-with-12-finance-companies-for-low-interest-financing/hassle of separately arranging for financing. This innovative approach simplifies purchase, making it easier for individuals to embrace sustainable transportation.

To avail the benefits, customers can visit over 550+ Okaya EV authorised centers across India to easily book and finance their preferred scooter. For further detail, customers can visit the Okaya EV website, where they can get loan approval within just 30 minutes.Okaya EV ensures a hassle-free experience for customers.

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