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Manufacturers of e-scooters like Ather Energy, Bounce Infinity, and Bgauss are becoming more innovative.

They have introduced schemes like exchanging old petrol scooters for new Electric scooters, with the trade-in value adjusted to the down payment plus incentive. As well as renting the electric scooter for some time before deciding to purchase it.

Due to the low operating expenses, many people who currently use ICE scooters desire to switch to electric vehicles. Although EVs improve the environment, the majority of individuals move to EVs because of the lower cost.

Although the electric infrastructure isn’t perfect, it is improving, and the advantages are clear. To reduce emissions and move to electric vehicles, one must take immediate action and switch to EVs.

In order to encourage sustainability and popularize these vehicles, EV Manufacturers are emphasizing the need to switch to EVs. Therefore, they are introducing creative and innovative schemes for the same objective.

Ather Energy 

In order to encourage scooter owners to upgrade to an electric vehicle, Ather Energy revealed that the company has now developed a vehicle swap program.

Ather Energy has announced its partnership with CredR to make its two-wheeler exchange scheme for the purchase of electric scooters more convenient. Through this arrangement, owners can easily swap in their petrol two-wheelers for an electric scooter and obtain their brand-new ride in only a few days.

Buyers can easily exchange their old ICE powered two wheelers for an Ather product, and obtain their new vehicle in a matter of days. Any petrol two-wheeler can be traded in for a brand-new Ather Energy scooter by buyers.

The program will be accessible throughout India once the partner experience centers open in the upcoming months. At the moment, it is only available in Bengaluru and Chennai.


Customers must bring their old petrol 2-wheelers to Ather Space for a physical inspection, after which a fast pricing quote or estimate will be issued through the CredR-powered application. Ather Experience Center will host the ICE two-wheeler evaluations. As a result of this partnership, CredR will provide real-time pricing quotes for used two-wheelers that may be used to make the payment on a new Ether scooter. CredR will examine the documentation and the condition of the ICE powered two-wheeler before completing the transaction. The total cost of the new Ather scooters will subsequently be subtracted from the exchange price. Additionally, a bonus of up to Rs. 4000 will be offered.

Bounce Infinity 

In Bengaluru and Vijayawada, Bounce Infinity is a well-known scooter rental company. It currently operates a fleet of 25,000 scooters in the two cities. Prior to purchasing the scooter, they permit and test you to rent it for a few weeks or months.

Bounce Mobility created the electric scooter Bounce Infinity with the goal of addressing problems like range anxiety which is the problem of the battery running out of petrol before one reaches the destination or a charging station. The lack of charging infrastructure and exorbitant prices are further practical issues.

Through its scooter rental service, Bounce has been using and testing electric scooters for a few years and claims to have completed 28 lakh electric scooter rides. These insights could aid the business in overcoming some of the difficulties associated with producing and operating electric scooters in India.

It also has a removable or swappable battery or the option of a battery as a service. This implies that the rider can travel to the closest swapping station whenever the battery is low on charge and exchange it for a fully charged battery.

As the rider is not required to make a purchase. Therefore, riders simply need to pay for each swap or choose to subscribe. With this, the riders only have to pay Rs.35 for each swap, or roughly Rs.65 per kilometer. The rider saves time on charging and is relieved of the burden of paying for battery maintenance and replacement.


Compared to a fuel scooter, purchasing an electric scooter like the BGauss can reduce operating costs by Rs.73,350. By substituting the old ICE powered vehicle with BGauss, electric scooters not only help save money but also energy and the environment. Given their warranty, using BGauss is hassle-free. It is a type of green transportation.


It has a straightforward and easy five-step exchange process.

One must drive their old ICE powered scooter to a nearby BGauss dealer in order to receive the best and lowest price and an exchange bonus. Choosing the new electric scooter model is the next step, and then is the payment of the difference to the BGauss dealer. And finally, take the BGauss scooter home and begin saving.


  1. I want to exchange my TVS scooty Jupiter with Ather. Let me know more about it. I live in Delhi and my mobile number is 9899606422

  2. Great article but pretty outdated. CredR has already set up such scooter-swapping connections since 2020. And not just these three companies, brands like Ampere and others also come under such schemes.

  3. i have hero electric optima cx-er dual batter purchased 30 january 2023 the most worst ev on this earth.
    kms i drive is about 3000 kilometres.
    anybody intrested for exchange . i want to exchange it with petrol activa.



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