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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/niti-aayog-wri-launch-forum-for-decarbonization-of-transport-sector/NITI Aayog, WRI launch forum for decarbonization of transport sector to Boost electric mobility in India.

The forum launched by NITI Aayog and WRI aims to create a platform to initiate dialogues for the development of uniform policies and help achieve specific results in reducing carbon emissions from the transport sector by promoting electric vehicles.

NITI Aayog CEO (chief executive officer) Amitabh Kant said the launch of the forum was a defining milestone for the electric mobility ecosystem in the country.

NITI Aayog CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Amitabh Kant on launch Forum for Decarbonization of Transport Sector

At the launch of the stakeholder forum for decarbonizing transport which is being launched as part of the NDC transport initiated in Asia project.  Amitabh Kant CEO, Niti Aayog, Said – 

WRI is one of the consortium partners in the project for their path-breaking role in envisioning and launching this point which aims to bring together all stakeholders involved in the clean mobility ecosystem in India.

Today the transport network plays a very key role in the economic development of a country by providing connectivity this connectivity is what facilitates the movement of goods and people and keeps industries and cities running the need for connectivity assumes prominence at a time when there is rapid urbanization taking place as per estimates India will double its urban population by 2050. 

This massive increase in urban population would put huge stress on urban infrastructure including on our trunk there will be much greater demand for transport within and between cities.

we also have to factor in the covid 19 pandemic which has presumably resulted in an increase in the uptake of prison personal modes of transportation due to fears arising this has hit the public transportation system particularly hard only a few days ago.

The U.N. intergovernmental panel on climate change’s first major scientific assessment since 2014 was released it shows unequivocally that global warming is unfolding more quickly than fear and that humanity is almost entirely to blame this assessment was declared as code red for humanity growing population environmental pollution and emissions of the ship towards private vehicles due to the mandible. 

These are all challenges however these are also major opportunities for us to fill the void with mobility which is shared connected clean connected convenient shared and current as you all know the transport sector is one of the major greenhouse gas emitting sectors in the country emissions arriving from the sector more than tripled since 1990. almost 12 to 13 percent of emissions are from the transport center of which roads account for 90 percent roads also happen to carry almost 70 to 50 percent of freight and passenger transport hence reducing emissions. 

The Revised Policies & Scheme to increase subsidy and further bring down the differentiation between ice vehicles and EV is pushing clean mobility in a very big way under phase one and faced with the scheme of our 3.71 lakh evs were supported through financial incentives Indian rupee 1 000 crores allocated for the development of charging infrastructure in the country 2636 EV charging stations and 62 cities have been sanctioned and 1544 sanctions between sanctions and highways are under frame several states have announced targets for EVs deployment including especially in tariff incentivized e-re-charging then we have criminal connectivity projects such as the Delhi merit arts and Kerala silver line project we should take millions of vehicles off the room we may see our first e-highway by 2022.

whereas initiatives such as the national common mobility card increasingly making public transport more accessible to the citizen’s Indian railways will become carbon neutral in the next nine years whereas over 700 kilometers of metro rail projects are in the pipeline we now have a realized scheme for the manufacturing of advanced cell chemistry batteries and all of these measures combined with push cleaning mobility in a big way and pain rate for accelerated transport decarbonization in it.

there is an increased awareness of the need for clean mobility among the citizens of India and a wider acceptance of electric waves the demand for 82 wheelers remained high despite the pandemic and more EVs were sold in the first seven months of this year as compared to the whole of last year and this is despite the pendulum recently one of the companies ola electric launched two variants of their first three scooters and bookings crossed one lakh in just the first 24 hours.

NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on launch Forum for Decarbonization of Transport Sector Said-

Today I’m extremely delighted, that many key electric mobility stakeholders central and state governments financial institutions businesses OEM research, and technical institutes private bodies civil strength are all working and innovating to create a favorable evil ecosystem in our country however one challenge is that we must break the silos that we are working we must all move forward together with the greatest strength in the clean mobility revolution in India must be drawn from the cooperation and collaboration between all stakeholders.

This is most critical for our success as it could lead to encouraging innovation facilitating greater investment and bolstering adoption therefore in my view it is the stakeholder forum on transport decarbonization that is being launched today as part of the NDC transport initiative in Asia is a defining milestone for the electric mobility ecosystem in the country it will bring together CEOs, researchers, academicians, multilateral agencies, financial institutions, as well as a central state government all together on one platform

this will help the development of innovative business models resulting in targeted results of the holistic growth of the election mobility space it will provide a platform to initiate dialogue exchange between industry representatives business partners scientific institutions and experts from various businesses that are involved in different aspects of the electric movement.

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