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Volkswagen ID.2 Electric Car 

German automaker Volkswagen has recently announced the unveiling of its latest budget electric vehicle, the Volkswagen ID.2 all model. With a range of up to 450 kilometers and front-wheel drive, the Volkswagen ID.2 all model is set to be priced under 25,000 euros when it is launched in Europe in 2025. Volkswagen has revealed that this model is one of ten new electric vehicles that the company is planning to roll out by 2026, as part of its ambitious investment in electrification and digitization.

Volkswagen aims to have the widest range of electric vehicles compared to its competitors and achieve an electric car share of 80 percent in Europe. “We are implementing the transformation at pace to bring electric mobility to the masses,” said Thomas Schaefer, CEO of VW Passenger Cars. The company is confident that it can maintain the low price point of its new electric vehicle through economies of scale, achieved through high sales volume.

Volkswagen Future Plans

Volkswagen has announced its plans to invest a massive 122 billion euros in the shift towards electric vehicles in the coming years. The group’s push to build a series of battery factories and secure raw materials for batteries has been cited as a major reason for this spending increase. The company plans to focus its spending efforts on growing its presence in the North American region, as well as increasing its competitiveness in key markets such as China, where it has fallen behind rivals Tesla and local manufacturers of electric cars.

European Market

The market for low-price electric cars is becoming increasingly competitive, and Volkswagen’s latest offering is sure to add to the mix. With battery-powered cars accounting for a record seven percent of the VW group’s deliveries in 2022, the company expects electric vehicles to make up around 10 percent of its car sales in 2023. This is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to transforming the automotive industry and bringing electric mobility to the masses.

Writer’s Note

This move is completely different from the rest of the market and will bring a huge impact on the e-mobility sector.

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