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  • Two engineer brothers started the business of electric vehicle spare parts from home and now the annual turnover has Crossed 1.3 Cr (13 million).

Yes, you heard it right, Ahmedabad-based Naks Automation now has two offices, Already worked with 1000+ EV Enthusiastic across India, receives nearly 100+ orders a month from online platforms like Motor kit.in, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Now NAKS Automation has their EV e-commerce platform called www.motorkit.in which is One stop solution for all Electric vehicle manufacturers, assemblers, and EV End-users.

Motorkit.in is an e-commerce platform where you can find a wide range of products. Watt ratings of 250watt to 2000watt, Diameter of 4 inches to 17 inch and all type of EV spares and accessories, Lithium batteries for all EV like Electric bicycle, Electric scooter, E-bike, E-rickshaw. And everything under one roof.

Brother duo Chintan Patel (electrical engineer) and Neel Patel (mechanical engineer) first tried making electric cycle on their own in 2018, but after finishing for own they found suppliers are not giving more technical support so they came up with an exciting business idea and started selling Electric vehicle spares online with technical details and fitting information.

Now they have 8000+ visitors on the website every month, they now get products manufactured with their brand directly from trusted suppliers and also import from well-known brands as per customized needs.

The remarkable thing is, from which company they purchased first bicycle kit, that company is their client now and doing business in bulk with Naks Automation.

Started as a passion project from a family home, it now has busy offices, ships products across India, and contributes the technology to EV brands and enthusiastic technocrats.

And what’s more – in just four years, the EV brand is touching above Rs 1 crore in turnover and comfortable dealing with 100+ monthly orders. 

Talking to us, Neel founder and Technical Head of the company says “being a Nation and Nature lover, we decided to bring EV revolution to the county as fast as possible so we started our business with bicycle kits and every Indian home have one bicycle at least and after converting it to electric even a lazy person will love to ride it plus it will save your money and also our nature from pollution”

He added “ Starting from Cycle kits back days, now we have all type of EV conversion kits which you can install in 2 wheels and 3 wheel vehicles and can be used as off-road vehicles, our major customers are farmers and they are using it for agriculture vehicles. Soon we will try to get the approval of scooter and bike kits which can be fitted in existing petrol vehicle to convert it to EV. So please don’t sell it in scrap till the next update from our side, also Now we are doing R&D on SRM Motors, Lithium batteries, Fast charging technology jointly with E-Rex mechatronics Pvt ltd( lithium battery manufacturer), many other companies are also doing R&D and getting good results, so in near future, India will be a world leader in EV technology and we will have Ev revolution in next 5 years.”

| Growth of the business

From 2018 to 2020, the company only sold materials through their Amazon and Flipkart portals, 

Chintan, co-founder and Sales Head of the company, says “I also took on the responsibility of managing orders, shipment and social media marketing, soon after 2020 we decided to come up with our website to save commission of third party E-commerce platform and give that 15-20% benefit direct to the customer, there we Launched motorkit.in under NAKS automation brand

Further, he added “We have a trademark of NAKS brand and now we are also having own manufacturing for some products with our brand, we are thankful to the customers who regularly orders from motorkit.in and now in 2022 we have 30% repeat customers”

The Company Received Good response even in pandemic years

The company had some drops in orders during lockdown but after the pandemic of covid become mild and lockdown ended, the journey has been upwards for NAKS. The company hit Rs 80 lac in revenue last year even in Covid situations and they managed to double(2X) the sales in 2021-22 and crossed 1.3Cr till the end of January.

“When we founded NAKS automation, we just had one goal – to make India pollution free, introduce sustainable sources of energy and increase the awareness of EV to people of the nation to bring EV revolution. What we mean by “revolution” is that even a client is non-technical, we teach them the technology of EV and show actual benefits, we share economical and financial benefits of EV with actual calculation, also we share details of old clients so they can visit them and ask personally about their experience with our products and get true reviews ” Neel explains. 

The company deals in electric cycle kits, electric Scooter kits, Electric motor-cycle kits, electric rickshaw kits, Lithium batteries, and also accessories like Controllers Chargers, DC converters, Displays, etc.

The brand also sources material from E-rex, EMF innovations, Rotodrive, GeeKay, all are well-known Indian Brands. 

Company’s Product 


Range 35km/Charge
Battery 7.8 Ah Li-ion
Motor Type BLDC Motor 
Frame UNISEX, Integrated Battery 
Frame Material Carbon Steel 
Suspension T-Telescopic, R- Rigid

Electric Bicycle Kits

| The marketing strategy

Neel and Chintan want to bring a difference to the mindset of people for Ev as everyone is not supporting EV considering it as new technology but the more people will accept it the more people will believe it, customers bring new customers for them, Customers use products they share their videos, photos, and details, NAKS upload it to their social media pages and they get a good response from there.

Now there is not a single state in India where they did not serve our products, they have Abid in Kashmir who made electric bicycles using our Bicycle kit and they have Tony in Kerala who is using their lithium-ion battery for a long time.

Chintan said “We feel proud that we somehow even for a small product managed to serve reputed brand of India like 29motors, Atumobile, Sturdy bikes, Robo-craft, Robokits India, Hindalco (Aditya Birla venture), Toroid, and many more.

| Competition and the Challenges

Neel said “We have big competition with the suppliers who are importing low quality or refurbished material in bulk qty and selling it to customers as new, these companies are not running more than 6 months but they are very much and so same amount of new companies are coming with same cheap quality monopoly,
still we managed to survive with customer support, mouth to mouth publicity and good reviews from them. Also, we don’t compromise quality for matching prices with others that are making us different from them.

Also, customer’s less awareness and low confidence in EV is a challenging part,
some social posts mislead people from purchasing EV also charging infrastructure need to be improved fast for EV revolution and the government is also very serious about charging infra and taking all necessary steps towards it” 

As for challenges, Neel mentions the payment mode of ‘Cash-on-Delivery’ (COD) as being a dampener. Sometimes when buyers order for COD delivery, but return the product at the time of delivery. “This causes unnecessary two-way logistics expense for us, and being a bootstrapped business, it affects us big time.”

Still, after adding COD and EMI options we were able to close more deals.
So we are not regretting the decision.

A long journey to go.

This is not the aim or goal which we imagined, still a long journey to go…
this is just a beginning and we have more targets which we need to achieve,
also even if you are new to this and want any information, the guidance we are open you can come and visit us personally or make a call….

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  1. As it seems unlikely or maybe impossible to obtain electrical spares for my QDOS fold up bike ( under warranty but( ideal world one)went bust so new owners denied my warranty..I am left with an immaculate bike with no power! So I welcome the news that NAK of India my be a solution,as an engineer and since my warranty is non existent, I will now investigate the cause AND just might get any parts I need??


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