Total EV sales stood at 45,896 units in January 2022, showing an M-o-m decline of 9.8% but a year-on-year jump of 183%.

Registered EV Sales Trend in India (Jan 2021–Jan 2022)
Source: Vahan Dashboard, JMK Research

EV registration in January 2022 as shown in the figure below Electric two-wheeler and passenger-type were powered by electric Three-wheelers, which account for 92.8% of the overall Monthly registration. These categories of shares are This was followed by cargo-type electric three-wheelers (3.9%), e-cars (3%), and so on.

State-wise Registered EV Sales Report- January 2022
Source: Vahan Dashboard, JMK Research

High-Speed Electric Two-Wheeler (HS-E2W) Sales

High-Speed Electric Two-Wheeler (HS-E2W) Sales
Source: Vahan Dashboard, JMK Research

Total sales of High Speed-Electric 2Wheeler in India in January 2022 were At 26,193 units, reflecting a 6% m-o-m jump and year-on-year jump of 435% registration.

The top 10 players, as shown below, are account For 93 percent of the total registrations registered in the month of January 2022. Hero Electric, Okinawa, and Ampere were the top three players With cumulative sales of over 16,000 units.

Electric Three-Wheeler (E3W) Sales Highlights
Source: Vahan Dashboard, JMK Research

Sales of E3W (both passenger and cargo-type) registered in January 2022 stood at 18,176 units, indicating a 22% m-o-m decline, but a 71% y-o-y growth.

Cumulative Sales of Top 7 Electric 3-Wheeler Players across the country Passenger and cargo segment accounted for 35.5% in January 2022 Share of the entire E3W market.

YC is highest in electric vehicle A share of 8.8%, followed by Mahindra Electric Mobility (7.4%). Cera Electric Auto (4.9%), Champion Poly Plast (3.9%), Delhi Electric (3.9%), Best Way Agencies (3.5%), and Unique International (3.3%).

Electric Cars (E-cars) Sales highlights

Electric Car
Source: Vahan Dashboard, JMK Research

Cumulative sales of e-cars stood at 1,388 units in January 2022, A monthly drop of 45% in registrations and 124% year-on-year growth. Bye Motors grew e-car sales this month, accounting for 91% of Total registration in January 2022.

Electric Buses (E-buses) Sales Highlights

Electric Buses
Source: Vahan Dashboard, JMK Research

Cumulative sales of e-buses stood at 115 units in January 2022, With an M-O-M decline of 48% and Y-o-Y growth of 194.8%. of this month The sale was driven by PMI Electro, which held a 72% stake. Of total e-bus sales in December 2021, followed by Olectra Greentech (20%), and JBM Auto (7.8%).



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