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Mojo Green- DC Fast Charging Solution 

Mojo Green, a pioneering clean energy startup based in Bengaluru, aims to make fast and reliable EV charging infrastructure accessible and affordable for all. They provide both mobile and portable charging solutions for electric vehicles.

According to the Brookings Institution India report, Electric vehicles will account for the most significant load capacity in the country, and the total electricity demand for EVs shall vary between 37TWh and 97 TWh(Terawatt hour) under 33 percent and 100 percent penetration of EVs in sales by 2030.

How Mojo Green is Helping Solve Problems in the Charging World

The single biggest hurdle hindering cost-effective and reliable EV charging experience is the limited power and distribution capacity. However, Mojo Green has developed an innovative solution that integrates energy storage, fast charging technology, and intelligent software to address these constraints.

With their unique approach, fast charging can now be deployed effortlessly and seamlessly at any convenient location, regardless of the grid. Join them as they delve deeper into the innovative world of Mojo Green and discover how they are shaping the future of electric mobility in India.

Products Offered by Mojo Green

  • QYK:

QYK is a mobile EV Fast Charger that offers unique flexibility for road-aside assistance providers, on-demand charging providers, and retail, residential, and commercial facilities to deliver door-step charging to their consumers and instantly deploy a fast charging experience without any infrastructure hassles

  • POKT:

POKT is a portable and expandable power bank for two, three, and four-wheeler EVs. POKT helps in delivering on-demand charging for EV owners, fleet operators, and roadside assistance providers. 

Specifications of QYK and POKT

DC Fast ChargerPortable AC slow charger
Packages Lithium-ion batteryPackages Lithium-ion battery
Comes with 10, 15, 25 & 30 kW Fast Charger (GB/T and CCS)Output: 3kW
Expandable battery capacity: 12-60 KWhExpandable battery capacity: 3-12 KWh
Dual charging capacity: Solar + Grid Dual charging capacity: Solar + Grid
Intelligent software for easy use
Mobile and Portable unit for flexible operations


Use Cases (On-demand EV Charging)

  • Roadside assistance providers
  • Doorstep charging providers
  • Fleet Operators

Use Cases (Public Charging)

  • Charge Point operators (CPO)
  • Residential and Corporate Facilities
  • Convenient store charging (Retail) 
  • Highway Charging
  • Fuel Stations

The Key Value to Customers Delivered by Mojo Green

  • Infrastructure cost savings (capex): 20% lower capital cost due to infrastructure cost savings
  • Energy cost savings (Opex): Upto 70% monthly operational cost savings due to demand charge savings, peak shaving, and time-of-use optimization
  • Deployment time and space: 6X fast deployment times vis-à-vis traditional fast charging stations

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Varnika Jain
Varnika is an aware and proud citizen of India. She is working towards nation-building and sustainability. Therefore, she has decided to enjoy the advanced business of Electric Vehicles. She is headed to get the news out of cutting-edge versatility, completely mindful that solitary EVs are inevitable in India.


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