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The Mercedes Benz G Wagon Electric Version was introduced For The First Time At Munich Motor Show 2021. Some features, such as the G-Turn capability, will be unique to this Mercedes SUV which was never seen before in any SUVs. In which the SUV can spin 360 degrees at one spot just like a tank. which Can be done at the touch of a button on the dashboard.

Exterior Look

Talking about the exterior, there is no major change in its body structure, but the styling seems to match the Mercedes’s EQ electric line-up. Like the illuminated trim elements, and the starlight pattern on the solid black panel that replaces the front grille. And in the back, instead of the space wheel, there is a square storage box that is also illuminating and holds a charging cable in it. But there may be some changes in the final production model.

The EQG is built on a modified ladder-frame chassis used in the Combustion engine G-Class. Although most electric SUVs have a trunk (front trunk) for extra storage space. There is no such thing in front of this SUV.


The new drivetrain will have a battery mounted with a floor that will be under the seats. With the Capacity of 100kW. It has also been kept in mind that the battery will be safe while extreme off-roading conditions. for which it has got a steel and carbon fiber casing. So that it can be protected from rocks and strikes.

Due to having a battery on the floor, the center of gravity of the SUV also comes down, which provides better stability on the highway, and during Extreme off-roading, the chances of the overturning of the SUV are also greatly reduced.

Motor and Power

The Mercedes-Benz EQG will be powered by 4 independent electric motors, each powering one wheel. Each motor will provide individual drive to each wheel through a two-speed gearbox that provides both high and low-range gearing to the vehicle.

And according to the company, there will be a lot of different models available which will give different outputs including the AMG variant. which Will match the performance of the current AMG G63 4Matic. also as the company claims this SUV will also outperform the combustion engine G-Class in many certain situations.


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