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Our beloved country’s one of the favorite vehicle manufacturers Mahindra & Mahindra is now making its strong footprint by bringing many EV models to the market soon. Mahindra Electric has recently launched its new powerful and cost-effective EV public transportation vehicle, the ZOR GRAND EV. It will be India’s one of the Top range-providing EV 3W Cargo in this segment, which common people can buy and charge in the very convenient way they want. It has a stylish look with a minimum 3-year warranty, and you can extend it with Mahindra’s more than 30k outlets which will start to operate around the country soon, up to 2 years more. This jumbo EV is cost-effective as it will come with a price tag of 3.6 lakhs to 4 lakhs approx. (depending upon which state and variant purchase has been made). This vehicle comes with pickup and delivery variants both.

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Mahindra Zor Grand EV 


Mahindra Zor Grand EV  E Cargo comes at a price tag of Rs. 3,59,000 In India

Battery and Motor

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/mahindra-zor-grand-ev-top-range-providing-3w-cargo-in-india/This EV has a medium range of battery and motor power capacity but is still a heavy loader. The battery has 10.2 KWH and the motor has 12 KWH of peak power. With this battery and motor, the vehicle can go up to 50km/h in real life.

Charging Time and Range

This vehicle has a range of 100-150 km depending on the road, weather, traffic, load, and so on, and it takes 6-8 hours to charge due to its medium-sized battery. This will also depend on your charging point if it is AC or DC.

This vehicle comes in white with blue accents only, but still, this doesn’t make it less demanding as Mahindra has already booked 40k+ bookings all around the country.

Loading Capacity

Depending on the variant you purchased and the load you put on, it can take between 400 and 500 kgs in a single take.

This vehicle has smart features such as mobile connectivity, but specific details have yet to be released; however, for a three-wheeler, it is a very advanced vehicle. For sure, vehicles like this are going to be in high demand in the future.

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According to Mahindra, this vehicle saves its buyers a lot of money because it is 81% less expensive in terms of diesel fuel and 76% less expensive in terms of service. CNG is 70% less expensive to operate and 71% less expensive to service. Which will save 6 lakhs in diesel and 3.5 lakhs approx. in CNG over 5 years.


Battery 10.2kwh
Motor 12 kwh
Range 100km to 150 km
Light Front: Halogen & back LED tail light
Display LED
Phone Stand Yes
Bottle stand Yes
Windows Sliding and pop up both side
Seater Only Driver
Top Speed 50 km/h
Long Route Within 100km approx.
Loading capacity 400kgs to 500kgs
Warranty 3yrs basic can extend upto 5 yrs.
Phone connectivity Yes
Charging time 6-8hrs
Price range 3.6 lakhs to 4 lakhs
Units required 3 to 5 units approx.
Variant Pick up and delivery




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