all-new Mahindra Atom EV (4 seaters) can be launched in India soon, the company can offer this electric car at a very affordable price. Here are the details of Mahindra Cheapest Electric Car– Atom EV Price and Range, and its launch date in India. 

While Mahindra previewed a range of EVs at its pavilion during the 2018 Auto Expo in Greater Noida, Mahindra Atom Electric was the showstopper at its stall. and This will be Mahindra’s first cheapest electric car ever in India.

in looks- the Mahindra atom EV looks like a tata nano electric car it looks boxy in design, as this is designed for city traveling only. Mahindra is offering this electric car as the entry-level budget electric car.

if talk about the specs the Mahindra Electric atom EV can reach up to a top speed of 50-60kmph and the range the electric car is offering is around 100km-120 km in a single charge.

The car gets reverse neutral car control as well as an AC driver. The minimalistic design maximizes the space inside the car. And this electric car is equipped with a swappable battery system, so you can drive without stopping.

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Mahindra Atom EV Price in India, Range and Launch Date

Mahindra Atom EV Price 3-5 lakhs in India 
Range100km-120 km
Launch Dateend of 2023
Top Speed 50-60kmph

The company has not released any updates on the Atom EV price and its launch, it is expected to come with a price tag of Rs 3-5 lakhs in India with a range of 100km-120 km on a single charge. And it is expected to be launched in India by 2023. it will be direct competition with the ORA R1 and the GM Wulling Nano EV.


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