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Mahindra Treo Electric Auto Rickshaw

Mahindra Electric has not only taken care of civil society by launching electric cars like Mahindra E Verito but also has smartly attracted the commercial business audience by introducing the three-wheeler electric auto-rickshaw called “Mahindra Treo”. 

Be it transportation of cargo or public transport, Treo clicks all the boxes. This spacious electric auto rickshaw by Mahindra is powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery pack.

What attracts most about this Electric Rickshaw is the spacious legroom it provides for the customers which clearly shows Mahindra has taken care of the people who had earlier legroom disappointments in electric rickshaws.  


Electric Treo is the only three-vehicle electric rickshaw that offers the longest wheelbase in this segment which is around 2073 mm.


Mahindra Electric has also taken care of the safety factor in Treo which is often missed out in rickshaws by installing an inbuilt crash guard in the rear side of the vehicle in case there is an unwanted impact from the rear of the vehicle which often compromises with the safety of the passengers sitting at the back.  

This beautiful model by Mahindra takes into account the often side collisions that happen unfortunately by equipping the vehicle with side safety doors to protect the passengers.

Apart from taking care of the passengers, Mahindra Electric has displayed that they also care for their drivers too by offering a larger windscreen area to improve the visibility and maneuver the vehicle safely amidst the compacted traffic and uneven roads of small towns.

It would also protect the drivers by absorbing the heat during summers. A single wiper is also available to use during heavy rainfall to improve visibility. 

If we get inside the vehicle, we observe that the driver seat is also spacious with a comfortable sitting position that takes care of the back pain.

There is a simple handlebar provided which offers some control switches like indicators, dippers, light, and a yellow horn button on the left. To improve the reverse safety, there is a buzzer sound that beeps when the driver backs up the E Rickshaw. In the center, there is a glass-protected display which includes the Odometer and Speedometer.  

Another highlighting point is, there is a decent space provided for the driver to use to keep his personal belongings along with a 12-volt socket that the driver can use to charge his phone.

On the right side of the driver panel, there is a LockBox provided by Mahindra which the driver can use to keep his important documents like Licenses, Aadhar Card and other vehicle documents. No doubt, Mahindra is setting some great standards in the E Rickshaw segment by this masterpiece Treo. 

In 2022, Mahindra offers Treo in four different models built for different purposes. The models are known as Treo SFT, HRT, YAARI-SFT, YAARI-HRT. Let us see some important Price and specifications of Mahindra Treo: 


Price  Rs 1.69 – Rs 2.79 Lakhs 

Mahindra offers its electric rickshaw in its different modes which are Treo SFT, HRT, Yari-SFT, Yari-HRT, and their price (Ex-showroom) starts from Rs 1.69 lakh to Rs 2.79 lakh in India.


Category L5M-AUTO L5M-AUTO E-Rickshaw E-Rickshaw
Capacity 3 Seater   3 Seater   4 Seater  4 Seater
Roof Type Flex Canopy HardTop  Flex Canopy HardTop
Wheel Base (mm)  2073   2073  2073  2073 
Ground Clearance (mm)  142  142  142  142 
Weight (Kg)  377  387 276  286
Max Speed (Km/Hr)  55  55  24.5  24.5 
Max Range (Km) 141  141  125  125 
Price (Ex-showroom) Rs.  2.7 Lakhs  Rs 1.69 – Rs 2.79 Lakhs  Rs 1.69 – Rs 2.79 Lakhs  Rs 2.10 Lakhs 



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