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Mahindra e-Alpha Mini Electric Rickshaw 

E-Alpha Mini, Launched on 9th September 2021, this electric auto-rickshaw from Mahindra Electric Mobility is one of the most affordable options for those who are planning to buy an affordable e-rickshaw for their daily use.

e-ALPHA Mini is the most reliable choice for audiences with both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This is yet another zero-emission emitting three-wheeler from Mahindra Electric.  it is Equipped with strong built quality.


Price in India 1.26 Lakhs (ex-showroom)

The vehicle is available on Indian Roads for 1.26 Lakhs. After the success of the older models of Alpha Mini, The company has recently released the Alpha Mini BS-6 in India


Battery (Volts) 48V/120AH 
Motor (WATT) 1000  
Max Speed (KM/HR) 25 
Max Rane (KM) 140 

e-Alpha Mini is powered by a removable 48V 120AH battery pack which when charged fully can log in a range of nearly 140 Kilometers.


The maximum speed of the vehicle is around 25 Km/Hr, with the mileage being 85. e-Alpha Mini is incorporated by a brushless 1000 Watt of DC Motor which generates a torque of 3.2 Nm. However, the driver needs to be careful with it because the motor is not waterproof. 

 Features and Highlights


When we walk around Alpha Mini, to the rear side, we observe a stickering graphic of the vehicle along with the 3-dimensional logo of Mahindra in the center.

On the bottom of the vehicle, two halogen-operated bulbs can be observed along with side indicators. The front glass panel is quite large and would help the driver during low visibility operations. A single wiper can be observed to assist during uneven rainfalls. Below the wiper, a rubber gripping is installed to reduce air drag.  


Mahindra Electric has teamed up with CEAT tires for all three wheels of this model. If we talk about front tires, the vehicle offers front telescopic hydraulic shock absorber suspension to make bumpy rides more comfortable for the passengers.

The ground clearance offered is pretty good for its size. A full-body waterproof thick cover can be observed on the roof of the vehicle which would act as a pressure absorber during severe weather. The rear tires of this Alpha Mini offer steel rims.

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The rear of this vehicle beautifully exhibits drum brakes on the tires. To increase the sustainability of the loading, Mahindra has installed Leaf Springs which would benefit the ride quality during heavy transportation of goods and passengers of various weights. Back Light, Tail Light, and E Alpha stickers are present at the rear. 

The inside cabin of Alpha Mini offers a great finishing. A backrest is provided for the comfort of passengers. The cushioning of the seats is quite soft.

E Alpha Mini

The seats can be opened and a tool kit and charging setup can be observed. The flooring of the vehicle is backed up by Aluminum-based material.  

The cockpit of E Alpha Mini is yet simple and easy to use without any complexities involved. The dashboard, black in color, reflects 3 black switches namely the Main headlight, Wiper Switch, and Turn Indicator switches. A digital meter console is installed in the center which shows information like battery readings, lights on, kilometers traveled.

The driving handlebar offers buttons like a horn, turn indicator switch, and a switch of the low beam and high beam. Below the accelerator, two red buttons provide different modes of driving like Reverse and Forward.   

Driving Modes

There are 3 modes of driving offered namely Low Mode, Medium Mode, High Mode. The top speed offered in low mode is 17 Km/Hr, 20 Km/Hr in Medium Speed, and 27 km/Hr in High Mode.  

There is a rear braking system provided along with a parking brake handlebar.  

Type of ModeMax Speed Offered (Km/Hr) 
Low Mode 17 
Medium Mode20 
High Mode27 


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