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We all know, with the launch of various electric scooters in India, we all have the advantage of choosing the most reliable scooter for our needs.

However, many electric scooters are often expensive and we eventually have to compromise on many features with our limited budget.

But you need not worry, in this article, we will cover the top 5 low Price electric scooters that do not compromise on various important features along with being pocket-friendly.

Top 5 Low Price Electric Scooters 2022

Here we present the top 5 low Price electric scooters in India that have great specs and features along with being pocket-friendly

Ampere ZEAL EX Electric Scooter


Ampere’s top-of-the-line electric scooter, ZEAL EX, is a high-speed stylish scooter that is operated by a removable Lithium-Ion battery pack that makes it convenient to charge the battery at home.

though this is a lightweight vehicle, it has a powerful performance. It catches up to a speed of 40 kmph from 0 kmph in a matter of 11 seconds. The scooter offers daylight LED, a taillight, and a speedometer with a digital display. The vehicle is available across Ampere store outlets in India.

Price, Range, and Features

Price Rs 65,999
Max Speed 55 Kmph
Max Range 75 Kilometers
Max Loading Capacity 150 Kg
Charging Time  6 hours
Colors Burgundy Red, Pearl White, Graphite Black


HERO OPTIMA HX Electric Scooter


Optima is Hero’s best-selling budget-friendly electric scooter of the Hero Electric band. The scooter ticks both the boxes of popularity and price range.

Optima proves itself by offering a top speed of 42 kmph. The capacity of the motor is 550 Watts. When charged fully, Hero Optima can log in at a distance of 122 kilometers.

The portable battery comes with a 3kmph Lithium-Ion battery pack which enables it to charge the vehicle within 3 to 4 hours. Cruise control is yet another cherry on the cake offered by Optima. LED Headlamp and USB ports for charging adds to more reasons why this electric scooter is the best buck for the budget. 

Price, Range, and Features

Price  Rs 65,6404 
Top Speed  42 Kmph
Max Range 122 Kilometers
Max Loading Capacity  140 Kg
Charging Time  4 hours
Colors Gray, Blue, White


TVS IQUBE Electric Scooter


IQube ranks best when it comes to building quality and features. With a top speed of 78 Kmph. The capacity of the motor is claimed to be 3 Kwh. On a full charge, the vehicle can travel as much as 75 Kilometers.

With a power output of 4.4 kW, the TVS IQUBE gives you sufficient power without any loss in transmission be it congested roads, heavy traffic, or open highways.

The vehicle offers both crystals clear LED Headlamps along with All LED tail lamps. Forward and Backward Q park assist and USB Port add to the beauty of TVS iQUBE. 

Price, Range, and Features

Price  Rs 90,000
Max Speed  78 Kmph
Max Loading Capacity  180 Kg
Charging Time  4 hours 30 minutes
Colors  White



Established in May 2018, Bounce was a lifelong dream of Vivekananda (CEO and co-founder) along with Anil (COO and co-founder) and Varun Agni (CTO and co-founder).

Infinity E1 is the company’s first electric scooter and most affordable electric Scooter which was launched to make daily commute hassle-free, reliable, and convenient.

This electric scooter is mainly known for the economic pricing it offers for the customers. If we talk about the top speed of this electric scooter, it accelerates at a speed of 65kmph. The two-wheeler is powered by a 1.5kWh powerful electric motor.

Infinity E1 is supported by a 2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is removable and can be charged anywhere. When charged to its full capacity, Infinity can cover up a distance of 85 Kilometers of range. The battery can be charged for as long as 4 hours. 

Price, Range, and Features

Price  Rs 68,999
Max Speed  65 KmPh
Charging Time  4 hours
Colors Sparkle Black, Comet Gray, Sporty Red, Pearl White, Silver


OKINAWA RIDGE E Electric Scooter


Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd is an Indian company that started its operation in 2015 which operates 100% in the two-wheeler electric segment. This variant by Okinawa comes in two different versions – The GPS Model Ridge Plus and a standard Ridge Model with no GPS.

The key features offered are Central Locking with Anti-theft Alarm, Keyless Entry, Find My Scooter mode. Ridge is backed up by a 1700 Watt BLDC Motor. It takes approximately 2-3 hours for the 1.75 kWh battery to be 100% charged and it can cover a distance of 84 Kilometers in one full charge. 

Price, Range, and Features

Max Speed  45 KmPh
Max Range  84 Km
Loading Capacity  150 KG
Charging Time  3 hours
Colors  Midnight Blue, Lucent Orange, Magna Gray, White, Red



  1. Nice post! Adding one more low-priced electric scooter Amo Inspirer. It’s a charging scooter starting price approx 60k without accessories, 60 km range, speed 25 kmph, VRLA battery and available in more than one color and variant.


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