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Kia EV9

Kia EV9 in India

Today Kia India teased a video of its Kia EV9 on its Twitter handle with the tag #MovementThatInspires, showcasing the bits of the model. The company earlier unveiled EV9 as a concept SUV car at the LA Motor show 2021 in Los Angeles and it may debut in India soon by the mid of 2023. EV9 will be the second car after EV6 which will be launched by Kia. Kia may showcase EV9 at the upcoming EV Auto Expo 2023 in Noida.

Kia EV9 Technical Specifications

Range and charging time

This new car is designed for the Indian market and will offer a range of up to 540km on a single full charge. The charging time of the vehicle will be 10-80% within 20-30 minutes using a 350kW fast charger. The vehicle offers an acceleration of 0-100km/h within 5 seconds. The range of the vehicle is 100km within 6 minutes.


Talking about the exterior of the EV9 it has a sleek SUV design combined with state-of-the-art engineering its dimensions are 194-inch length, 81-inch width, 70-inch height, and 122-inch wheelbase.



The EV6 is priced at INR 59.95 Lakhs so we hope that EV9 will be launched at a higher range than the previous version.

Kia EV6 specifications: What to expect in the EV9 model

When it comes to Kia’s EV6 it has claimed better performance with an acceleration of 0-100kmph within 3 seconds and with an ultra-fast charging of 10-80% the vehicle can juice up in 18 minutes using a 350 kW charger. It offers a long range of 500 km using a 77.4kW battery pack. The offers a torque of 650Nm. EV6 offers three modes Normal, sports, and Eco drive mode which makes it more pleasing.

It has a sunroof, connected LED tail lamps with sequential indicators, and a dual LED headlamp with an adaptive driving beam.

EV6 is made on an Electric Global Modular Platform(E-GMP) which has a flat floor, thus it facilitates comfort along with higher power, driving range, and control. Let’s see what will EV9 platform be.

Road Ahead

Kia has developed a full EV line strategy which plans to introduce 14 models by 2027+3 models. These 14 models can cover a range of EV pick-up trucks(DM/EM) + Entry EVs.

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