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JOY Thunderbolt Electric Bike 

Joy E-Bike is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer and a subsidiary of WardWizard Innovation & Mobility Limited which aims to create an eco-friendly environment. With a monthly capacity to manufacture 9,000 vehicles, the company aims to bring something new to the EV industry while helping fight climate change.

The company recently launched the electric Thunderbolt model in early 2021, and it exclusively offers 8 electric bike models in India.

Here in this article, Joy Electric Bike Thunderbolt price, range, and top speed details

Price, Range, and Top Speedhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/joy-electric-bike-thunderbolt-price-range-and-top-speed/

PriceRs. 2,33,000 (ex-showroom)
Range 110 Km/Charge
Top speed90 Km/hr

Price: The price of Thunderbolt starts at Rs. 2,33,000 and might vary depending on the different States EV policies & Subsidies.

Range: The range of Thunderbolt is 110 Km/Charge.

Top speed: The top speed of Thunderbolt is 90 Km/hr. and comes with an additional inclination of 7°.

Battery and Motorhttps://e-vehicleinfo.com/joy-electric-bike-thunderbolt-price-range-and-top-speed/

Thunderbolt model comes with a maximum load capacity of 150 kg and solid climbing support till 18°. The model comes in two colors, namely – Yellow and Blue. Thunderbolt offers a BLDC Electric Motor with a peak power of 5000W.

The battery can be charged from flat to full in just 9 hours and can be charged with a 10 Amp Smart Charger.

The company offers a no registration and no license policy to attract large potential EV Buyers.


Top Speed 90 Km/hr.
Range 110 km/charge
Maximum Load 150 kg
Motor Power 5000 W
Motor Type DC Brushless Hub Motor
Charging Time 9 hours
Charger Type 10 Amp Smart Charger 
Suspension Type Hydraulic
Max Torque 230 Nm
Color Options
Yellow and Blue

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q.1 Is there any warranty on the Battery of Joy e-bike Thunderbolt?

The warranty period for the Battery of the Thunderbolt is not mentioned by the company

Q.2 Does Joy’s e-bike Thunderbolt have a removable battery?

Yes, the battery provided with the Thunderbolt model is portable and can be removed at the convenience of the rider/owner for the purpose of charging.

Q.3 What color options are available in Joy e-bike Thunderbolt?

There are two options available- Yellow and Blue.

Q.4 How to charge Joy’s e-bike Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt model can be charged with a 10 Amp Smart Charger with Over-voltage, Temperature, and Short-circuit protection.

Q.5 What is the warranty on the Motor of Joy e-bike Thunderbolt?

The warranty period for the motor of the Thunderbolt is not mentioned by the company.

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