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Following the EV revolution, Jeep Unveils the all-new 3 electric SUVs, the Jeep Recon, Wagoneer, and Avenger, in an effort to control internal combustion that contributes to carbon emissions.

Jeep seems to go all in on the EV industry, committing to four new SUVs which will be out in the market by 2025. Images of the three Electric SUVs naming Avengers, Recon, and Wagoneer are out and they seem to promise to make Jeep the top contender in the business.

Several automobile manufacturers are shifting away from combustion-producing fuel engines and moving towards battery-powered vehicles in the best effort to reduce the carbon footprint given out by their brands. 

Both the Wagoneer and the Recon are high-end SUVs that will enter production and be ready for the market in 2024. Jeep looks to be completely prepared for the electric future with these two new arrivals.

When it comes to off-road SUVs, the two names that immediately to mind are Jeep and Wrangler; they manufacture the best off-road vehicles, and the Wagoneer and Recon look to be an attempt to keep competitive with the future-oriented electric. These Two look to be key players in the brand’s future.

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Jeep Avenger EV


The Avenger is a compact electric SUV that is going to hit the market by 2023. There may also be a hybrid model available that will work on the CMP model, however, information about this device is scarce.

The full data output is said to be on display in Paris in October this year. The compact SUV is said to have a performance range of around 400 km.

This model of the Jeep will have four electric motors which will produce almost 400hp. It will have a two and a four-wheeler variant. The Avenger will boast an exceptional ground clearance and strong break over. The headlights are divided into two sections with the Daytime Running Lamps LEDs just below the bonnet line. 

Jeep Recon EV


The Jeep Recon will only be manufactured and distributed as an Electrical Vehicle, there will be no fuel-powered ICE counterpart to these SUVs. There will be a new Uconnect system, which claims to provide the complete trip navigation of the known off-road routes all over the world.

The Recon will also consist of a one-touch motorized top, retractable doors, and glasses. The Recon is said to provide great competition to Ford’s Bronco Sport. Availability of the Selec-Terrain Management along with an e-locker axle technology.   

Wagoneer Electric SUV


The Wagoneer is said to be the top model in Jeep’s portfolio. The upcoming EV SUVs will almost certainly have the largest battery which is said to go all out up to 640 kilometers. Jeep anticipates the electric Wagoneer S as their topmost manufacturing product, The Wagoneer S, which will compete in the premium SUV sector, will almost certainly include a large battery:

Jeep claims a range of 400 miles on a single charge, 600 horsepower, and a 0-60 mph pace of roughly 3.5 seconds.

The Jeep EV has smooth body lines, flush-fitting door handles, and a chrome accent above the windows, as well as an LED-illuminated seven-slat grille flanked by slim headlamps and an, LED DRL lightbar on the Wagoneer S. The back view of the Wagoneer S, which has a tilted roofline.


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