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JBM Electric Bus Galaxy 

At Auto Expo 2023, JBM Auto on Wednesday unveiled the Galaxy, its first ever self-designed and self-manufactured electric luxury coach bus.

The company is a part of the $2.2 billion JBM group and it has also unveiled three new items in its line of electric buses that are aimed at a variety of markets, including the city, staff, and school segments. It debuted India’s first 100% electric luxury coach bus at the Auto Expo as part of its ongoing effort to change public transportation and grow its business in the rapidly developing electric vehicle industry.

S.K. Arya, Chairman, and Nishant Arya, Vice Chairman of the JBM Group unveiled the luxurious coach bus. The introduction of the JBM luxury coach bus is in line with the government’s “Make in India” strategy and represents a historic turning point for the coach business, which has previously been dominated by foreign competitors.


According to JBM, the Galaxy bus can travel up to 1,000 kilometers each day, since it is powered by a high energy density advanced lithium-ion battery,

The JBM Galaxy coaches were created with comfort, performance, aesthetics, and convenience in mind. The 12-meter, high-floor coaches have the most recent entertainment systems, cutting-edge conveniences like Wi-Fi, USB charging connections, plush reclining seats, saloon lighting, and the best safety features available.

The new coaches have a seating capacity of 45 passengers and are powered by lithium-ion batteries with advanced chemistry and great energy density.


Priced at INR 1.8 crore.


The new line of electric buses will cater to the expanding market’s needs, particularly those of fleet owners who need profitable, secure, and sustainable operations. They predict that over the next several years, this market will continue to expand rapidly.

The JBM Group is dedicated to investing in green mobility solutions and best-in-class technology, and it is the only player in the Indian market to provide a comprehensive EV ecosystem. They intend to also spend money renovating their current facilities and constructing new ones to meet the rising demand from the EV market. They are experts in customizing and smoothly integrating electric vehicles, battery technology, power infrastructure, fast charging infrastructure, and power electronics.

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