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First Solar Car Rally in India

More than a decade after India was introduced to the top-flight motorsports event in the form of the Electric Solar Vehicle Championship in 2013, engineering students across India from top institutes and universities have been a part of this revolutionary journey of electric solar vehicles. This year, we are taking it ahead with a 350 KM+ rally on public transport highways and the teams are gearing up to witness the final event of Season 9.0 of ESVC at Galgotias University on Friday 14th April to 21st April 2023.

We are focusing on E-Mobility and Green Energy, providing opportunities for engineering students to work on New and Renewable Energy, Innovation, and New Technology. The event is aimed to build their own Electric Solar Car which should be compatible to run on public transport roads. In these events, students will design, construct and manufacture their own vehicles as per the technical specification and in accordance with the regulations described by the organizing and technical committee of ISIEINDIA.

At the event, there will be 750+ Participants, 10000+ Visitors including Students and Faculties from University, and 100+ Guests and Delegates from ministries, OEM’s and Automotive Industries.

The rally will take place from Galgotias University to Agra to Galgotias Colleges of Engineering, Gr. Noida. The rally will cover major cities like – Jewar, Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra creating an impact on around 1 Billion people in India.

As an appetizer in the build-up to the race, here’s all you need to know about ESVC 3000.

About ESVC 3000

Being the oldest E-Mobility Design and Development challenge in India, it has provided a platform for passionate and innovative minds across the nation.

The rules and regulations of this event are revised each year in order to push the limits and boundaries of electric mobility, and solar energy to efficiently run the vehicle.

We aim to build society’s interest in renewable energy, and electric mobility and generate skilled engineers and entrepreneurs in New India. We have categorized and laid rules and regulations for participants from different walks of life – school students, graduation/ post-graduation students, and professionals.

Objectives of ESVC 3000

  • To draw the interest of Engineering students and professionals towards New and Renewable Energy Projects & Electric Mobility.
  • To develop a Technological Concept of cost-efficient and safe Solar Vehicles.
  • To fill the skill gap between institutes and industry.
  • To develop an Eco-system for the entrepreneurs.
  • To increase the application of Solar Energy.
  • Awareness among people and society and dismissing misconceptions about EV and renewable energy.

As the knowledge upon which technology is based transforms and the needs of society continue to change, technology advances to use the new knowledge to meet human and societal needs. We are offering the solutions to put this into practice this season to continue developing and advancing learning.

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