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India’s First Hydrogen Rickshaw

Omega Saiki Mobility has decided to launch India’s first Hydrogen Based L-5 Category Rickshaw model within the next 6 months for the country. The vehicle will have the capacity to run at least 350-400 km on a single charge that too in difficult terrain. It will have a load capacity of 1 ton and the pricing will stay competitive with the other products of OSM. It could be a game-changer product in the L-5 Category rickshaw market. However, the full specifications are yet to be out on the market.

The testing of this product is being done in Europe, Jaisalmer deserts, and Leh. The vehicle will cater to the mass audience and it will bring more clarity to the consumer about green technology since it removes charging issues.

Hydrogen Technology is 100% sustainable

Yes, you read it right, hydrogen-based vehicles are 100% sustainable since they require only natural minerals and no extraction of fossil fuels is required. Unlike electric vehicles, which is depended on coal that makes electricity for charging the vehicle and other fossil fuels.

How is Hydrogen technology used in vehicles?


Hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to generate electricity that is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called electrolysis. It is considered a clean and sustainable alternative to hydrogen produced from fossil fuels, which generates greenhouse gases when it is produced. According to the National Greenhouse Mission which focuses on developing India as a hub for manufacturing green hydrogen in the country.

Plans of the Indian Government for Hydrogen


The Indian government has approved a green hydrogen mission with an initial outlay of INR 19,000 crore (about $190 billion). This is a significant investment in the development of green hydrogen technology and it will likely lead to the expansion of clean energy sources in India. Not just this, but the government has also declared its intention of producing five million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030. This was done by unveiling a policy that enabled manufacturers to gather renewable resources like hydrogen and ammonia without incurring any transmission costs for 25 years straight.

Interview with Mr. Uday Narang Founder of OSM Mobility 

Writer’s Remark

Before we take your leave, one more notable mention by the Founder during an interaction with the team of EvehicleInfo was that OSM Mobility may even bring an electric car to the market.

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