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Retrofitted Electric Gypsy

In a groundbreaking display of innovation and collaboration, the Indian Army showcased retrofitted electric Gypsies at the Army Commanders Conference in New Delhi on Friday. The electric vehicles were created through a joint effort between the Indian Army Cell, IIT-Delhi, and Tadpole Projects, a startup incubated under the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi. The company has converted retro-modified 10 Maruti
Gypsies into electric vehicle

About Army Conference and Their Aim

This year’s Army Commanders Conference is being conducted in a hybrid format, leveraging technology for secure communication. It serves as an institutional platform for high-level discussions and policy decisions for the Indian Army.

The forum will also review progress on key initiatives, such as the ‘Year of Transformation-2023,’ digitization and automation efforts, Combat Engineer’s tasks, work aspects, and budget management.

Benefits of Army by Using Retro-fitted Vehicles

  1. The vehicles that consumed INR 1,200 to travel 120 km are now consuming INR 200 to travel the same distance. This will save the cost of the vehicles and convert the obsolete vehicles into new ones by fitting new technology.
  2. Retro-modified gypsy produces zero emission whereas, the petrol variant was emitting 3.3g of carbon per km.
  3. Retro-modified gypsy gives a noise-free driving experience and gives higher torque and faster acceleration.
  4. Full utilization of old vehicles using old Cl V chassis.

Specifications of new Retro-fitted vehicles

Battery used 21.7 KW (72V, 300 Ah)
Range 120 km
Charging time9 Hrs using a 15 Amp charger (80% charge in 54 mins).
Top Speed70 Km/Hr
Cost5,78,200/- per vehicle
Warrantytwo-year on the motor and a five-year or three-year warranty on the battery

Process of vehicle conversion

  • Removal of Engine, Fuel Tank, Exhaust, and related assemblies.
  • Fitment of PMS Motor (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous) with LFP battery (Lithium-Iron Phosphate.


This successful collaboration between the Indian Army, IIT-Delhi, and Tadpole Projects highlights the potential for innovative solutions to emerging when different sectors come together. It sets a precedent for future collaborations and advancements in sustainable transportation.

About Tadpole

Tadpole Projects, founded by Jawaad Khan a start-up incubated at IIT Delhi which specializes in EV retrofitting, removed the Gypsies’ engines and converted them into electric vehicles, extending the life of the vehicles by seven years. The startup offers a two-year warranty on the motor and a five-year or three-year warranty on the battery, which is extendable up to 5-7 years. This campaign is a boost to the “Go Green” initiative of GOI.

Writer’s remark

Following the footsteps of the Indian Army leading the way in adopting sustainable technologies and collaborating with startups to drive innovation. We are here to see the rise of EVs on Indian shores. The Indian government is also giving a boost to EVs with the announcement by UP CM to convert all government vehicles into EVs by 2030 is a strong move to give rise to the Future.

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Varnika Jain
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