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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/how-to-maintain-an-electric-scooter-maintenance-guide/Scooters are very popular in India and it is the first choice for every Indian as they are economical for every middle-class family. But due to rising fuel prices in India for a long time, people are looking for alternatives to fuel vehicles. An electric scooter is the first and best option over a conventional vehicle.

Electric scooters are booming in India (Ola got 1 lakh Ola electric scooter subscriptions within 24 hours). Electric scooters are more convenient, economical, less maintenance, and help reduce air pollution to the environment.

In India, Electric scooters are very popular for being low maintenance and eco-friendly. Electric scooters generate zero carbon emissions and as a result, they help reduce air pollution. As petrol prices rise in India, having an electric scooter is a huge advantage for you.

An electric scooter will have a higher upfront cost than traditional Scooters or motor scooters, but it is cost-effective compared to an electric scooter with running costs. As you can see in the below graph-

Electric Scooters Vs Petrol Scooter- Running Cost 

  • The Running cost for Honda Activa 6G is Rs 2 per KM 
  • on the other hand, the running cost for Ather 450 Plus is 0.125 per Km 
Running Cost Comparision: Electric Scooter Vs Motor Scooter

Electric scooters are eco-friendly, but they are also believed to cause fatal accidents so they come with a great deal of maintenance. For your electric scooter to remain in good condition, regular maintenance is essential. Regular maintenance will reduce the occurrence of major problems, and automatically increase the efficiency of your vehicle. For this, here is an Electric Scooter Maintenance guide and Parts to take care of your electric scooter to last longer- 

Electrical Scooter Maintenance Guide

There are two types of maintenance as we all know; preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance makes you more friendly to your electric scooter. You know it better, eliminate almost any fatalities, make your vehicle more reliable, safer, reduce additional repair costs in the future, do it yourself, the riding experience is more reliable.

PREVENTATIVE Electric Scooter Maintenance

You became more familiar with your electric scooter

Eliminate most fatal hazards

Keeps your electric scooter more reliable

Keeps you safe

Reduces costs

You can do it by yourself

The riding experience is more enjoyable

Corrective Maintenance

Then we also have Corrective maintenance, that is if we wait till the failure occurs, it will end up being more expensive, you are less safe while riding it, people around you are also in constant danger, have poor riding experience, cannot ride one-third of the time as it will always need the repairs.

CORRECTIVE Electric Scooter Maintenance

Waiting for the disaster to happen

Higher costs

You are in danger

Other traffic participants are in danger, as well

It requires professional help more often

Poor riding experience

Being unable to ride for at least one to three days 

The first option of taking all the precautions may seem very difficult to take action but is sensible, as it leaves less room for breakdown and allows potential hazards to be avoided. On the other hand, the second option is much simpler, but may put us at greater risk, and may cost us more to repair.

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Parts to Take Care of Your Electric Scooter to last long 

An electric scooter is a small vehicle. However, it makes a huge difference in one’s daily life. Even though electric scooters look like a simple vehicles, you might be surprised to see how many parts make the ride. There are so many parts that you need to know the secrets to maintain them all efficiently.

You need to make a connection with your electric scooter, you can save a lot of your time by not going to the mechanic, but first of all, you should have enough knowledge about your electric scooter.

First of all, you need to understand what makes your vehicle more efficient, i.e. you need to charge your vehicle regularly, keep it clean, avoid riding in the rain, check spare parts, check bolts. is required. Make sure it’s all in the right place and working properly.

Tires Maintenance 

To expect an exceptionally efficient electric scooter you need to check the recommended pressure of your tires to make sure your tires are in order, this varies with different manufacturers.

If your tires put less pressure than necessary it can result in reduced speed, greater risk of slipping in the rain, reduced rolling resistance, draining your battery faster, disproportionate tire cost. On the other hand, an increase in pressure can end with a torn tire, uncomfortable ride, high risk of turning, inconsistent tire expense.

Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance 

In addition to the engine and wheels, you have to make sure you take special care of your battery as the battery is the most important part of any electric vehicle; If your battery ever decides to stop working and you need to discard it and replace it with a new one, make sure you get a similar battery that is suitable for keeping the machine running efficiently.

The main thing about batteries is that we should know how to deal with them, to utilize their full potential, if we do not consider these important facts, we will lose a lot of good percentage of battery; Keep your battery in places above 0 degrees, make sure you don’t replace your charger with a cheaper model.

Be sure to use an original model, don’t overcharge it, don’t let your battery drain completely, and charge it before you turn it off, later if you don’t use your scooter for a while Be sure to use a tender charger. . Protect the battery from oxidizing at all costs.

Electric Scooter Wash Guide 

How do you need to wash your electric scooter to make it last longer?

Well, to have an efficient electric scooter, washing is very important, however, you have to remember three points; Make sure your scooter is off, be sure to watch electric scooters outdoor and as we know electric scooters are not completely waterproof, don’t use a hose.

So, you start by gathering a large plate with warm water and soap, use a cotton cloth to dip in it, squeeze as much as you can to make it almost dry. Clean the handle, then go to brakes, levers, forks and wipe it again with a soapy dry cloth after you’re done.

Electric Scooter Wheels Maintenance 

Make sure you have a platform to clean the wheels and chain so that it allows your wheels to spin freely in the air. Use a brush and a small amount of eco cleaner to clean by turning the wheel and brushing.

Use a non-soapy sponge to clean the wheels, while you’re cleaning the wheels keep an eye out for cuts or knots that could later cause the tire to burst. The last step is to lubricate the chain, don’t overdo it but keep it moderate.

If you Read these above golden rules then it is clear that you are going to have an efficient electric scooter for a long time.

Follow this electric scooter maintenance guide wisely and read every tip to make your electric scooter last longer.

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