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Top Ways To Keep Lithium-ion Battery Healthy

Lithium-ion batteries are present almost everywhere today. They are mostly used in consumer electronics. Whether we talk about EVs, medical devices, or any Electronic Equipment, they are used widely.

You can find numerous articles on how one can conserve battery power but not much on how to take care of your lithium-ion batteries. In today’s dynamic situation, battery life is precious. Not enough information on the internet on how to prolong the battery life or take care of it is creating a lot of confusion among users.

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Below given are some personalized tips from Energetic Batteries, one of the best battery brands in India on how to keep your lithium-ion battery healthy so that they last longer:

keep Li-ion Batteries at Room Temperature

Always keep your Lithium-ion batteries at room temperature, be it your solar battery or electric vehicle battery. Both, high as well as low temperatures should be avoided.

The worst thing that can happen to a lithium-ion battery is to be subjected to elevated temperatures while having a full charge. These temperatures often expose one to dangers such as fire and explosions. Heat is an enormous factor when it comes to reducing battery life.

Keep an Eye on the Device when it is Charging

Keep an eye on the device when it is charging and unplug it as soon as it reaches 100% charge. Otherwise, it’s better to go for a partial charge. An 80% charge is better than a 100% charge when it comes to battery life.

Extremely high and low states of charge can damage the life of the lithium-ion battery life cycle. Also, make sure that you do not recharge your deeply discharged lithium-ion batteries if they have been in that condition for a long span of time. 

Lithium-ion Batteries Should not be stored or used in a High-moisture

Lithium-ion batteries should not be stored or used in a high-moisture environment. When exposed to moisture, the life and performance of the battery may diminish. 

Avoid Storing a li-ion Battery that has less than one-half charge

Do not store a battery that has less than one-half charge. It is a must that you give it a full charge and then store it correctly and carefully. 

Use a Charger that is made for lithium-ion Batteries

Use a charger that is made for lithium-ion batteries only because they include a component that allows them to tailor the charge. Using the correct charger even reduces the risk of damaging your battery. The best charger would be one that came along with your battery. 

 All batteries require proper care to ensure they meet their maximum potential. Different types of batteries have different requirements. Take care of your batteries so that you have a reliable battery when you need them.

About – Energenic Batteries

Energenic Batteries is an industry-leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer focusing on quality & provisioning services through its vast network.

The Company focuses on providing customers with the most economic, intelligent, reliable, and sustainable products for their homes and businesses.

Dealing with electric vehicle batteries, solar batteries, portable cells, and lithium-ion battery packs, it works with key strategic partners to address the customized needs of requirements around the world.


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