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Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

Electric vehicles have become the need of the hour due to the increasing pollution levels and the depletion of fossil fuels. However, the success of EVs depends on the availability of efficient charging infrastructure, and this is where Ola Electric is making a difference. In this article, we will explore how the Ola Electric Hypercharging network works and its significance in the EV ecosystem.

What is Ola Electric Hypercharging Network?

The Ola Electric Hypercharging Network is a network of charging stations primarily focused on electric scooters. Ola Electric is building this network across more than 400 cities and 2000+ Hyper Charging points by the end of 2023. Retail centers, IT parks, business complexes, and other high-traffic places will all have charging stations placed as part of the Ola-powered charging network.

How does it work?

Ola Electric Scooters can be charged by a combination of AC and DC charging technology. AC charging is slower but is best suited for home charging or charging at places where it is parked for an extended period. Also, DC charging is faster and ideal for charging at public locations.

To use the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network, users must install the Ola Electric app on their smartphones. The app provides a map of all the charging points available in the vicinity, and users can select the most convenient one. Once the user reaches the charging point, they need to connect their EV to the charging point using a compatible charging cable.


To get in more depth about it works, let’s jump into our next section;

Here’s how it works:

Locate a charging point

To use the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network, users need to have the Ola Electric app installed on their smartphones. The app provides a map of all the available charging points in the vicinity, and users can select the one that is most convenient for them.

Connect your electric scooter

Once the user reaches the charging point, they need to connect their electric scooter to the charging point using a compatible charging cable. According to the battery condition, temperature, and other factors, the Ola Hyper Charging network will automatically determine the battery capacity of the electric scooter and optimize the charging speed and efficiency.

Charge your electric scooter

Once you get connected to the hypercharge, the charging point displays the charging status, and users can monitor the progress through the Ola Electric app. Once the charging process is completed, the user can disconnect their electric scooter from the charging point and continue their journey.

Unplug your scooter 

When you want to unplug the charger, tap on the ‘Stop Charging’ button on the scooter’s dashboard and wait for the ‘Unplug the charger’ message to appear on the screen.After receiving that message you can unplug your scooter from the charging port and continue the onward journey.

How much Money Need to pay for Hypercharger?

According to the company’s official website, the Ola Hyper Charger is free for all users in India but for a limited period of time.
Maybe in the near future, the company will start some money charges for charging.

Where to find OLA Hypercharger 

So, you may be able to find your nearest OLA Hypercharger via the scooter dashboard or Ola Electric App. You can use the navigation provided in the scooter in order to reach the location. You can also take the help of Google Maps. So, these Ola Electric hyper chargers will be very easy to use for owners.

Is Ola Hypercharger enabled for both MoveOS 2 and MoveOS 3?

Ola Hypercharger is enabled only for Ola scooters with MoveOS 3 update. If your electric scooter has MoveOS2 then first you have to update it to MoveOS3 otherwise you will not be able to charge your scooter.

Significance of Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

A crucial move towards the adoption of electric vehicles in India was made with the launch of the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network. The development of the EV business has been significantly hampered by the absence of reliable charging infrastructure. Ola Electric is tackling this issue and lowering the barrier to entry for EVs with the introduction of this network.

Additionally, the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network is a green project that will aid in lowering the transit industry’s carbon impact. More people will transition to EVs because they are more environmentally benign and cleaner than their fossil fuel-powered peers thanks to the presence of effective charging facilities.

What to do in Case of Assistance at an Ola Hypercharger?

Please reach out to customer support in case you need assistance. The contact information can be found on the scooter dashboard or the Ola Electric App.


The Hypercharging Network is a game-changer for the EV industry in India. With the launch of this network, Ola Electric has taken a significant step towards making EVs more accessible and convenient for the masses.

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  1. Just 2 hypercharger for the entire Chennai City about 6 hypercharger for entire tamilnadu
    Hypercharger is bhavish dream not a reality

  2. I booked the ola s1air about six months before.When it will be available to me?I am in emergency and in need of it .I should be informed definitely.


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