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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/horwin-sk3-electric-scooter-price-and-launch/Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Horwin has launched a new 2022 SK3 electric scooter for the EV market. The new SKJ comes across as a long-range EV that supports connectivity features and utility-oriented boot space.

  • Top speed of 90 kmph
  • Range of 160kms
  • 3.1kW motor with 6.3kW power output
  • Gets a TFT display and cruise control

The highlight of the SK3 electric scooter is its ability to deliver a full battery range of around 160 km!https://e-vehicleinfo.com/horwin-sk3-electric-scooter-price-and-launch/

Similar to its battery range, the Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter has an impressive top speed of up to 90kmph. To propel it at that speed is a 6.3kW motor with 6.3kW power output while its lithium-ion battery is rated at 72V36Ah.

In terms of features, it is as advanced as expected in a smart EV with things like a full-color TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, a keyless power system, and cruise control.

Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter Price in India


The Horwin SK3 electric scooter has been currently launched in the Chinese and European markets. Its price in the European market is 4,500 euros (about Rs 3.63 lakh in Indian rupees). However, the chances of it coming to India are slim.

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