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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/hong-guang-mini-ev-top-selling-electric-vehicle-in-the-world/Hong Guang Mini EV Edged out Tesla’s Model 3 as the Top-selling Electric Vehicle in the World: 

Hong Guang Mini EV outshines Tesla’s Model 3 as the best-selling electric vehicle in the world: At the start of 2021, Tesla model 3 lost its leadership among the best-selling electric vehicles in the world’s ranking.
In this ranking, he had to place the small Chinese hatchback Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV, which managed to gather a whole army of loyal fans in his homeland within a few months.

Wuling Hong Guang Mini overtakes Tesla's Model 3 as the top-selling electric vehicle.

How did this happen?

Sales of the Hong Guang Mini EV began in July 2020, and within the first 20 days, the mini EV manufacturer received 15,000 orders for six months, increasing the number eightfold and increasing the volume to 120 000 cars. And according to the results, during the first two months of 2021, the Chinese Hong Guang Mini EV overtook the permanent leader Tesla Model 3 to become the best-selling electric car in the world.

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Such impressive sales dynamics were made possible by the unprecedentedly low price of this electric car from over 4200 dollars in the original version and about 5.5 thousand in the improved configuration.

Tesla Model 3 Vs Hong Guang Mini EV Price 

Hong Guang Mini Price- US$4,162

Tesla Model 3 Price – US$ 82,156

For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 is priced at around 42,000 in the domestic car market in China, which is 10 times more expensive than the Hong Guang Mini EV.

But did the Price only provoke explosive interest in the Mini EV?

Reasons of Explosive interest in the Hong Guang Mini EV: Top-Selling Electric Vehicle

Wider Range of EVs 

There are many reasons for this in the beginning because the Chinese had the opportunity to buy expensive models of electric cars or super cheap electro capsules priced from about one thousand to fifteen hundred dollars.

They did not require a driving license, did not qualify for anything in the budget of electric cars, and were eventually offered a mini EV. Not surprisingly, middle-income Chinese and young people started buying this car on a large scale.

Government Subsidies 

Secondly, in China for more than 10 years, an active campaign to popularize electric vehicles has been going on.
Since 2010 the government has provided subsidies to buyers of green vehicles, although the program has gradually ended over the years, the Chinese have already accepted that electric cars are not exotic, but also convenient and affordable.

Thus in the country, there are state benefits for the purchase of electric vehicles, being actively offered for the payment of parking lots and road tolls at credit discounts.

The Mini EV comes under all these programs.

Smooth Transportation 

Third, Chinese Megalopolis residents have long shown a demand for an inexpensive electric car that allows the city’s traffic jams and parks and at least the opportunity to walk comfortably in the area.

The Mini EV was eventually able to meet the needs of motorists who do not care about high speeds and special comfort, but city traffic of people and cars requires mobility and a sense of their own space.

And yet how the mini EV manufacturer so cleverly got into the heart of Chinese motorists.

Features & Highlights 


Angular if this child’s clumsy appearance is reminiscent of Japanese k cars, with a distinctive cubic design that is played with a length of 2.9 meters and a width of 1.5 meters.

The Mini EV actually looks like a cube from a children’s construction set with miniature wheels. The technical equipment is 13-kW compliant with this appearance.

The electric motor produces only 17.4 horsepower and provides a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

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Despite its apparent simplicity, the Mini EV can hardly be called a primitive mini car, the manufacturer has not equipped the electric car with a glove compartment with steering wheel adjustment, or rear seats.

Nevertheless, the car is equipped with such useful options as the ABS wheel pressure sensor rear parking sensor power window a stereo system, and even air conditioning, the most technical elements of the Mini EV being the intelligent control system and The battery is preheating At a low temperature.

The manufacturer ensured that the battery status could be monitored from a smartphone to a particular mobile application, it is important to note that the battery itself is very low power, charging is basically 120 kilometers. Is designed for a distance of up to. Up to 170 kilometers in version and top-end configuration, although it is no longer necessary in the urban mode of operation, especially when you consider charging an electric car from an outlet in your own garage or at one of the charging stations Can. 

Hong Guang Mini EV: Top-Selling Electric Vehicle

It is interesting to know that it took only 12 months from concept development to mass production of the Mini EV, in such a short time the success of this bestseller is due to the efficient operation of the joint venture SAIC motor, Liu Xiaoling Motors, and General Motors.

The involvement of the global auto giant has allowed Chinese manufacturers to keep pace with world leaders such as Tesla in electrification and has helped accelerate vehicle production with proven technology leading to steep price reductions. In fact, the Mini EV has used the same developments that General Motors has implemented long and successfully in its main lineup.

If you add cheap labor to the simplest finishing material, the lack of complex electronic filling and the Chinese government subsidizing the manufacturers of electric vehicles, the incredibly low cost of the Mini EV would have been quite natural despite the sales boom in China.

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The Mini’s EV (Top-Selling Electric Vehicle) is unlikely to be seen on American and European roads, limited top speed low power and an unusual Japanese k style will become the main obstacle for this car for resale in Europe and the US in China.

The Mini EV will certainly continue to break records, with China already accounting for 50 percent of all-electric vehicle sales globally and by 2035 the government expects electric and hybrid vehicles to take up half of its new vehicle fleet.

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Hong Guang Mini EV



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