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Honda recently unveiled its new electric vehicle (EV) strategy at CES, showcasing two electric concepts that hinted at the brand’s evolving design language and engineering philosophy. However, behind the scenes, the company is making significant strides in the development of a production battery-powered sports car.

CEO’s Revelation and R&D Progress

Honda’s CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, disclosed the company’s foray into researching sports cars tailored for the EV era. Mibe revealed that the R&D center is actively working on a performance-oriented machine set to be a key player in the upcoming 0 Series range of electric cars scheduled for a 2026 release. While specific details about the electric sports car remain undisclosed, Mibe assured that development is progressing steadily.

Focus on Technical Innovations and Driver Engagement

The forthcoming electric sports car is positioned to be the flagship model for the 0 Series, embodying technical innovations aimed at maximizing interior space, reducing battery weight, and enhancing efficiency. With a strong emphasis on the “joy of driving,” Honda aims to prioritize driver engagement. The design philosophy, in alignment with the 0 Series concept from CES, suggests a low-slung, cab-forward profile for the sports car. The cockpit design will prioritize minimalism to eliminate distractions.

 Slimmer Battery, E-Axle Drive Units, and Optimized Interior Space

The battery in Honda’s first electric sports car will be notably slimmer compared to existing EVs, reflecting a commitment to innovation. Propulsion will be facilitated by e-axle drive units, consolidating motors, inverters, and gearboxes into a compact unit to optimize interior space. As Honda ventures into the EV era, this forthcoming sports car represents a fusion of advanced technology, efficient design, and a commitment to an exhilarating driving experience. 


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