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Honda Electric Scooters

According to an official document from Honda Global, two new electric scooters will be launched by the company for the Indian market. Both of the electric scooters from Honda would be launched in the next year, 2024.

official document from Honda Global confirms the launch of two new electric scooters. Source- Bikewale.

Swappable and Fixed Battery

Honda has recently confirmed the debut arrival of its two different two-wheelers from the electric vehicles industry in the Indian market.

According to the document, “Explore power sources other than swappable batteries to expand options for customers to choose from”. The meaning of this statement is that the upcoming electric scooters from Honda will be having swappable batteries surely. Also, there will be a fixed battery system so that users can opt for the type of battery they would want to use as per their requirements.

Therefore, Honda can provide both battery pack choices in one scooter by providing different trims. Otherwise, the company can give different battery pack options for each electric scooter.

Look & Design 

The information about the design of the electric scooters is also mentioned in the report. If we observe both electric scooters, we can be able to know that, one of them is a regular commuter scooter, whereas the other one has a sporty design.

Regular Look 

The regular electric scooter looks like the electric variant of the Honda Activa. Therefore, the name of the regular electric scooter could be like Activa EV. Although there are no reports regarding the final name of the new electric scooters from the company, people have just guessed the name as per its design.

Sporty Look 

The sporty type electric scooter from Honda would most likely be performance-oriented and efficiency-oriented as per its looks. This electric scooter is targeted at young customers. Its design can be borrowed from a few of the design elements of Honda Dio.

Platform “E” from Honda 

Depending on a brand new electric vehicle’s specific code-named platform ‘E’, both of the electric scooters will be manufactured in India. The two upcoming electric scooters will pave a path for different types of new models, which would use the same platform in the future.

Other features of the upcoming electric scooters like the battery pack capacity, speed, range, etc. are not yet revealed by the company.


The price of the two new electric scooters from Honda would be most probably on par with its top rivals, .i.e Ola S1, Ather 450, Hero Vida V1, etc.


The two new upcoming electric scooters from Honda would be fantastic and efficient in the market. We would have to wait for the next official declaration to know more details about the electric scooters from the company.

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