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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/hm-contessa-new-electric-car-to-hit-the-market-soon/An iconic muscle car “Contessa EV” is going to be launched in India soon and this time this electric car is going to come from India’s well-known car manufacturer Hindustan Motors.

Hindustan Motors – is a very famous vehicle manufacturing company in India based in West Bengal. The iconic carmaker, once India’s most beloved, is all set to make a comeback in the automobile market, but this time to enter the electric four-wheeler market.

The company is currently the subject of discussion in the market, behind which it is to file a trademark for its new car. The company has also shared a picture of this new trademark on the internet. The name of the car known from these pictures is – Contessa EV.

Contessa Highlights – Contessa is a muscle car that was driven by Hindustan Motors between 1984 – 2002. This car has been very famous in its time. At the time it was in trend, there were very few companies in the market that manufactured luxury cars.

Among them, Contessa of Hindustan Motor was on top. It had higher characteristics than other cars of its time. The company stopped its production in 2002. But now once again it is ready to hit the market soon. Now there are reports that it will return to its electric version.

Hindustan Motor Registered Trademark “Contessa EV”

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/hm-contessa-new-electric-car-to-hit-the-market-soon/According to reports, in March 2022, Hindustan Motors named Contessa for the trademark. Which is now a trademark of the company name. Earlier, the company’s director Uttam Bose had informed us that the company is about to enter the electric two-wheeler segment.

For this, he has also signed a deal with a European company. Later this company will also work on an electric four-wheeler. Meanwhile, cars like the Ambassador and Contessa are expected to make electric versions.

Hindustan Motors Contessa EV Launch in India?

Currently, the company is about to enter the electric vehicle segment through electric two-wheelers and plans to make electric four-wheelers in the coming years.

In this, the company will first work on its popular car ambassador and it is estimated that by the year 2023-2024, it will launch the ambassador in the electric version. After that, the company is going to focus directly on Contessa, from which we can assume that the Indian market will come by the end of 2024 or 2025.



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