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Hexall Motors E3W “Mammoth” and Electric Bus “Bubble”

Hexall Motors is a Delhi-based company founded in July 2022 today unveiled its electric three-wheeler “Mammoth” and an Electric bus “Bubble” at Auto Expo 2023. The company has an aim of transforming the electric mobility segment with the production of vehicles that provides affordability and efficiency across different vehicles that cater to various sector.

Mammoth E3W 

Mammoth is the First passenger vehicle in the Hexall Motors vehicle series. This vehicle is designed by the company in such a way that it will revolutionize the way people travel in the electric vehicle.


The Mammoth will offer a range of 110-120km/ charge with a maximum speed of 50kmph. The other comforts of the vehicles are also kept in mind before introducing them in the market. All the additional data about the vehicle has been added below in the table.

Gross vehicle weight1650 Kg
Passenger seating capacityD+11
Driver Cabin seating capacityD+2
ControlsSteering control and Brake Control Mechanism
Driver Cabin Volume94 cu.ft
Range and Max speed110-120km/charge and 50km/hr.


Bubble Electric Bus 

Bubble offers the most seats counted (41) on its 9.5-meter platform. The electric bus has a completely flat floor, making it the most sustainable to aerodynamically efficient electric bus. The company wanted to reduce energy consumption and they achieved this by reducing the size of the powertrain and battery and reducing the kerb weight. The additional features of the bus are High payload, Huge volume, steering wheel, Big range, Assisted brakes, and large cabin space.

Future Goals of Hexall Motor

With the launch of these vehicles, the company has hoped the seize the e-commerce and the logistics market of Delhi for now but we can expect that they will expand far more in the years to come. The deliveries of the vehicle will start by July 2023 and they are targeting 20 cities by the end of 2025. Their next plan is to expand and compete with the giants in this sector like Tata Motors, Maruti, Omega, Piaggio, and many more.

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