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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/government-will-take-a-decision-over-flex-fuel-engines/India’s Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is about to work on an important decision. Nitin Gadkari is going to take an important decision on the flex-fuel engine which will be done within 8-10 days. Nitin Gadkari has decided on Sunday that all auto companies (bikes & car manufacturers) will have to use flex-fuel engine PR work. However, the TVS company has already started work on flex-fuel engine bikes.

Nitin Gadkari Says- The Price of ethanol is Rs 60-62 per liter while petrol costs are more than Rs. 100 in many parts of the country, so by using ethanol as an alternative source of petrol, Indias will save Rs. 30-35 per liter.

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What is a flex-fuel engine?

Flex-fuel engine This engine works on fuel (petrol & diesel) and ethanol. 

The price of ethanol is lower than petrol. Where the price of petrol is Rs 100 to 106 / liter, the price of ethanol is Rs 50 to 60 liter. Ethanol is a completely renewable energy source. Sugarcane, maize, and other sources are used to make ethanol. It is made from completely renewable energy Due to which all the CO2 that comes out of it is absorbed by the plants (tree).

Mileage of Ethanol

The mileage of light ethanol is slightly less than that of petrol. Where petrol gives a mileage of 100 km in a liter, ethanol gives a mileage of 60-70 km in a liter. But due to the low price of ethanol, it will not cost the common man dearly. And our environment will also be safe with ethanol fuel.

Flex-fuel is being worked on in India because the petroleum coming into India imports from other countries and its price is increasing every year. India’s agriculture system is strong and India will produce sufficient resources of ethanol And ethanol will be made in India itself. Due to which the price of ethanol produced here will also be reduced.

If we talk about the figures, by 2022, 10 percent of the vehicles will be operated in India and by 2030, 20 percent of the vehicles will be operated.


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