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Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus Electric Scooter 

Gogoro Electric, the master of swappable batteries has finally forayed into the Indian market, with the successful homologation of its Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters series.

The vehicles have been certified and homologated by the Central Institute of Road institute suggesting that the e-scooters offer a range of up to 85km.

The two models will be made available in India after being imported as CPUs (Completely build units), with the manufacturing and assembly carried out at the company’s plant in Taiwan.


  • Both Gogoro 2 and 2 Plus electric scooters have a top speed of 87 kmph.
  • The continuous power output is 7.2 kW for Gogoro 2 and 6.4 kW for Gogoro 2 Plus.
  • The difference in power output results in different claimed ranges – 85km on the 2 and 97km on the 2 Plus.
  • Both e-scooters have a long wheelbase of 1295mm, which is longer than the TVS Jupiter 125, one of the longest wheelbases of 1275mm in its segment.
  • Both models have a gross vehicle weight of 273kg each.

The basic difference between the two Gogoro 2 and 2 plus Series is that the latter variant offers a higher range.

Now you’ll ask that the original range of Gogoro vehicles is 170km but in India, they are coming with only 85km and 94km range.

Well, the logic behind this lesser range is the company has got just one certification done for its battery in India. The original vehicle comes with two swappable batteries. This means that the vehicle will come in different designs.

Talking about the peak power, both vehicles have two variants of 6.4kW and 7.2kW.

Gogoro 2 Plus: Look & Design

The Gogoro 2 Plus scooter boasts a range of safety and convenience features that make it a top-of-the-line electric scooter. Its tire pressure monitoring system ensures that you always have a safe and comfortable ride, while the front and rear disk brakes provide excellent stopping power.

In addition to its safety features, the Gogoro 2 Plus also has a premium look and feel. Its glossy metallic body panels and metallic seat badge make it stand out from the crowd, while the dual-tone finished dashboard adds a touch of sophistication.

But that’s not all – the Gogoro 2 Plus is designed to offer an easy and hassle-free experience. Its low-maintenance belt drive requires minimal upkeep, while the easy main stand makes it easy to park and maneuver. And with a front storage compartment, you can easily store your essentials while on the go.

What is Homologation

Homologation is the procedural certification that validates the compliance of a given vehicle with predetermined standards established by the governing authorities, thereby ensuring its suitability for use on public roads. This process applies to all domestically manufactured or imported vehicles within a given jurisdiction.

Gogoro and its alliances

Hero motors

Hero Motors has shaken hands with Gogoro to make the Vida V1 pro an outstanding vehicle that is not only modern but also fulfills the needs of today’s society. With the feature of the swappable battery system. Industry analysts believe that the company’s focus will be on creating a robust battery-swapping network that will cater to the needs of all-electric two-wheeler manufacturers in the country.


Belrise a leader in the automobile system manufacturer shook hands with Gogoro industries on the investment of $2.5 Billion for smart battery-swapping infrastructure. Initially, the 50-50 partnership will work in the state of Maharashtra and from the success there the company might expand.

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Gogoro and its Battery-swapping System

Gogoro’s battery swapping system allows you to swap your depleted battery for a fully charged one in a matter of seconds. Yes, you read that right – seconds!

But that’s not all. The battery-swapping system is not just convenient, it’s also eco-friendly. Gogoro uses a subscription-based model where customers pay a monthly fee to use the battery-swapping network. The company then recycles the used batteries, ensuring that there’s zero waste.

And it’s not just the customers who benefit from this technology. Gogoro’s battery swapping system also allows for more efficient use of renewable energy sources. By charging the batteries during off-peak hours, Gogoro can ensure that the energy generated from renewable sources is not wasted.

Writer’s remark

Gogoro’s entry into the Indian electric scooter market is significant, given the country’s push towards electrification and the government’s plans to achieve 30% electric mobility by 2030. With its advanced battery-swapping technology, Gogoro could be a game-changer in the Indian market.

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