Author: Daniel Aronov

Daniel Aronov

Daniel Aronov is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at StoreDot, where he leads various technological projects and initiatives. With extensive expertise in micro-electronics and energy storage, Daniel has held notable positions throughout his career, including heading research at a semiconductor company, working as a senior engineer at an energy storage device company, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams on process development and optimization.

Cybersecurity, Risk Analysis of EV Charging Station The e-mobility industry has made remarkable advances in electric vehicle (EV) technology and the rollout of charging infrastructure. However, for EVs to become the norm rather than the exception, the charging process at public chargers needs further improvement to deliver a seamless, safe, and secure user experience (UX).  Imagine a world where you could charge your electric vehicle (EV) as quickly and easily as you can fill up a gas tank. That’s the future of EV charging that is being envisioned by engineers and entrepreneurs around the world. But achieving this vision will require…

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