GLEEV Motors is a Noida-based company that is dedicated to producing world-class electric vehicles that are going to be everyone’s PAL (Portable, affordable & Lovable). GLEEV is the first company in India that is a dedicated manufacturer of micro-mobiles.

Some of the problems that GLEEV is focusing on are:

  • Environment
  • Cost of ownership
  • Cost of running
  • Parking
  • Traffic

How does it all begin?

The idea for portable electric vehicles came to Abhishek (Founder & CEO) during the first lockdown. When restrictions were eased, people were desperately looking for options apart from public transport for their commute.

It was not possible for all to buy a conventional 2-wheeler since the prices were sky high. This made the founder have a look at what’s going on in the field of mobility in other parts of the world. And it was at this time that he came across portable electric scooters which were no less than a miracle to him.

Then research was made on the technical part, economic feasibility & he discussed this idea with his school friends Bishal & Abhishek Ranjan in June 2020, who agreed to aid him financially. Then the real work began in October 2020, followed by the formation of GLEEV in February 2021. Unfortunately, 2nd wave caused a delay & operations were shut down for a couple of months.

The final version of the product was ready by Jan 2022, followed by a launch on 27th Feb 2022. The scooter was named PROTOS which means first in Greek. The scooter is currently available for sale in Delhi-NCR

PROTOS- Portable Electric Scooter

Imagine a vehicle that you can carry anywhere with you in a bus, train, or car. A vehicle that runs at 8-10 paise/km, doesn’t know what traffic is & doesn’t even require a dedicated parking space like other 2wheelers. Wonderful! Isn’t it?

PROTOS is a scooter that can do it all. PROTOS can be a blessing for people living in tiny apartments who don’t even have a parking space for 2-wheelers. It can be used by employees for going to their offices to avoid the traffic. PROTOS can also be a solution to those who travel by bus/train & then again have to take another public transport to reach their office. They can carry PROTOS on the bus/ train & then use it to reach their office.

It can also be used by students living in hostels & having large campuses for traveling from one building to another. These are just some examples to showcase how Protos can tackle some everyday problems of life. Apart from all these, there is also one big advantage of PROTOS & which is the unique kind of riding experience that the user gets.

PROTOS has been designed not just to look fancy but also to be practical. Here are some of the features of this unique product

GREEV Protos Specification

Description Specification
Motor 250 watts, 36 Volt, BLDC hub motor
Battery 36 Volt 15.6 Ah, lithium-ion
Body Aircraft grade aluminum
Suspension Triple coil spring suspension at the front, double spring underbelly suspension at the rear
Brakes Rear drum brakes + regenerative electronic braking (2 level adjustable)
Charging time 3 hrs max
Deck size 26×7 inches, 23×7 usable foot space
Handlebar width 23 inches, collapsible
Handlebar height from deck 42 inches max (adjustable)
Ground clearance 6 inches
Tyres 8 inches tubeless in front & 8 inches solid in the rear
Folded dimensions 42‘’ x 7” x 11.5’ inches
Unfolded dimensions 43‘’ x 7‘’ x 50’ inches
Net weight 17.5 kg
Load carrying capacity 110 kg max
Range 55 km, 8p/km
Lighting One led headlight, 2 white led front deck lights, 2 rear led red deck lights, brake responsive led taillight
Features Cruise control, 2 levels adjustable regenerative electronic braking system, High & low acceleration mode, power limiter, kick start & zero start option
Speed mode 3 speed modes, 10 kph, 18 kph & 25 kph
Display Blue backlit LCD Display
The information available on display Speed mode, battery level, Odo, speedo, trip, run time, voltage, an error message
Throttle Finger throttle integrated with LCD
Others Electric horn + mechanical bell, ignition key with a voltmeter, USB charging port, provision for adding foldable seat


  • Ergonomic finger throttle
  • Cruise control
  • Three-speed mode, 10 kph, 18 kph & 25 kph
  • Regenerative electronic braking system (EBS)
  • Zero starts or Kick start option
  • Fast or low acceleration mode
  • USB charging port

GLEEV Protos Portable Electric Scooter Price in India 

GLEEV Protos is priced at Rs 44,444, all-inclusive, and free home delivery.  currently available in Delhi-NCR, The Company will soon expand its footprint to other major cities.


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