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Future Garage and RunR Mobility Partnership 

RunR Mobility has announced a partnership with Future Garages to build EV infrastructure and services across its network. This is significant since there is a shared goal to sustain, grow, and bring down costs. The current hot theme is startup ties. Moreover, recent evolution occurs as a result, boosting the industry.

Coming to the manufacturing layout plan, RunR will be setting up a plant that will produce 350 units per day altogether, and By the end of the financial year 2022 – 23, Future Garages will put 4000 – 5000 ELK electric motorcycles on the road, making it among the top 10 OEMs in India in terms of market share. Pertaining to the manufacturing layout plan, RunR will establish a plant that will accommodate per day potential of 350 units, and by the end of the fiscal year 2022–2023, Future Garages will have 4000–5000 ELK electric motorcycles on the road, placing it among the top 10 OEMs in India in terms of market share.

With the foreseeable future in mind, their manufacturing estimates are for 11000 units in 2022–2023, 115000 units in 2023–2024, and 28265 units in 2024–2025, with revenues of 13.5 cr, 173.52 cr, and 428.86 cr, respectively.

On this partnership Mr. Shashi Pathak, Founder, Future Garages said. “The partnership with RunR Mobility is a long-term project towards our commitment to build indigenous electric vehicles for India with proprietary technology and constant innovation. Apart from collaboration in the development of products, the partnership will also enable us to combine our resources for rapid commercialisation and growth.”

“To carve a mark on the world on the EV map as the most sustainable, profitable, innovative, and promising brand. This partnership is a win-win situation for both the startups” by Mr. Setul Shah, Founder, RunR Mobility.

About RunR Mobility

Based in Gujarat, RunR Mobility is building high-speed smart-electric scooters with swappable batteries. It has a large, 4.2-acre state-of-the-art factory that holds the capacity of producing 500 vehicles per day. Unlike many others, RunR Mobility’s innovation hub includes in-house battery & motor testing.

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