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With only 8 years to reach the ‘2030 all India EV’ goal and with the Indian EV sector growing in leaps and bounds, one begs the question as to how the country is honing its intellectual talent to support this accelerating growth.

Engineering education in India still has ways to catch up to the requirements of this sector, which is where competitions such as Formula Bharat prove to be a necessary knowledge-building platform for engineering undergraduates.

With its first entry in 2017 at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, Formula Bharat currently hosts 10000+ students from all over the country through its main event and sub-events held throughout the year.

In 2018, the competition introduced its first EV concept competition, and in 2019, it launched the Electric category at the main event. The competition requires student teams to design, build and compete with a Formula-style race vehicle in engineering design, business strategy, cost and manufacturing strategy, and dynamic track events.

The competition follows a set of guidelines decided by the global Formula Student series. Through this platform, students not only gain practical hands-on engineering skills but also hone their management and budgetary skills, thus developing an all-rounded persona ready to be hired by the accelerating EV industry.

Their growth is supported by engineers in the industry who contribute to the Formula Bharat platform as technical personnel and as judges.


The year 2022 has seen a two-fold growth in student teams interested in the Electric category at the competition. Major EV players such as Ather Energy, Exponent Energy, Micelio, Barrel Motors, and Pravaig Dynamics have seen the potential of Formula Bharat as a talent pool for their recruitment needs.

The only hindrance at this point is the restrictive budgets by engineering institutions and in some cases, the lack of support by faculty, to promote the creation and development of clubs interested in platforms such as Formula Bharat.

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The automotive industry is evolving and is no longer interested in cookie-cut engineers with exceptional grades. They are looking for individuals who are not afraid to use their hands, who are able to think out of the box, and who are willing to excel beyond their roles. And this holds exceptionally true for the EV sector which is looking for the best and brightest to fill its vacancies.

Formula Bharat is a proven platform for promoting engineering talent. It has the potential to contribute to the elevation of the level of the EV sector in India. For more information, visit www.formulabharat.com.


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