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Log9 Battery Cell Line

On 21st April 2023, Log9 Materials marked the eighth-year anniversary, and as a memorable day embarked, the cofounder, Pankaj Sharma on the occasion of the event, announced the first made-in-India battery cell line for EVs. He called it a revolutionary deep-tech movement.

In his speech, he said, “It’s not every day that something happens for the first time in a country of 1.5 billion people.”

He also added,

“Log9 wants to contribute and create the deepest-tech company but in concert with the best of the academic minds.”

Day Zero was 2 and half hour program where the company spoke about;

  • India’s first Lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility.
  • The innovations happening at Log9 in the past year.

In the last year;

  • Log 9 has been able to deploy more than 3000 of their batteries on Roads in the Indian Market.
  • At the same time, these vehicles have covered more than 5 million kilometers on Indian Road.
  • Log9 has been able to reduce 440 tons of CO2 emissions by promoting and enabling electric mobility in the country.
  • Log9 has filed more than 80 patents.
  • Team of more than 300+ engineers
  • Log9 has spread its wings over 20 cities including tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
  • Log9 has been able to scale its production of batteries in the manufacturing plant to 1500 produced every month.

The main purpose of the event of the announcement of the indigenous production of lithium-ion batteries in India. The audience was highly anticipated and excited to hear all about it and so are we.

What went behind bringing the plan to life?

  • 100+ people from the cell technology team and battery technology team were behind putting this line together, designing it, working with suppliers and vendors, and fighting covid in China.
  • More than 5000 man-hours have been invested in bringing the production line to India.
  • 10,000+ trials have been gone in the various assessment tests at the supplier’s end and the factory.

Battery Cell Details

Log9 has developed its own Battery Management System, which maximizes the efficiency and longevity of the battery cell.

The new Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery cells will be capable of fast charging and would be stable over a wide range of temperatures ranging from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Log9 will have an initial capacity to produce 50 MWh of battery, which can power up to 25,000 electric two-wheelers.

The homecoming of locally manufactured lithium-ion batteries is a big development for the EV industry in India.

Log9 Cell Specification


Battery Cell TypeSpecificationEnergy Density 

Lithium-titanate battery (LTO)

2.3V | 50Ah, 100Wh/kg33%

Lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP)

3.2V | 55Ah, 160Wh/kg14%



Inauguration of the First made-in-India battery cell line

The event displayed a live walk-through of the facility as they inaugurated it, as it is a very controlled environment.

Several prominent personalities including Dr. Vijay Raghavan, Former Principal Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister of India, Dr. K Sivan, Ex-Chairman, ISRO, and other dignitaries from IITs across the country were present at the event.

The plant’s starting output is 50 MWh. In a statement, Log9 Materials Co-Founder & CEO Akshay Singhal said, “Our cells are designed from the ground up in India, for India; to suit Indian operating conditions, climate, and customers, and are therefore going to play a crucial role in making India self-reliant while aiding the nation realize its ambitious electric mobility vision.”

To provide excellent safety and reliability for high-power applications, Log9 Materials has also released its own internally designed battery management system (BMS), which is integrated with power control methods and SoX algorithms. The business also introduced its academic collaboration initiative, called Log9 Rise, which supports the development of a talent pool for battery technologies in the nation.

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