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Another EV Fire incident is taking place on social media (the location is yet to be ascertained) where electric scooters caught fire while being loaded into a yellow truck, as we can see in the video below.

Looking at the video so far, the reason for this incident is being told to be a short circuit in the battery pack.

Fire in EVs While loaded in Truck: Watch Video Here

Note: The video is from Nashik, where 40 electric scooters caught fire from Jitendra EV Tech. 


  1. According to studies, electric vehicle fires are uncommon, and the risk of fire in EVs is substantially lower than in vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. However, it’s always a good idea to have the appropriate information on the right practices and be careful.

    There are a few requirements that every EV owner should follow. The following is a list of them:

    1. When you get home or head to work, don’t immediately plug in and charge your electric vehicle. Allow it to cool down before charging it.

    2. If a fire breaks out, don’t put water on it. Seclude the vehicle and use sand to extinguish the flames.

    3. Do not charge your vehicle at any random charging station. Charging a two-wheeler is similar to powering your home’s air conditioner. You don’t bring your air conditioner around with you and plug it into a cell phone charger (5 Amp). You can’t charge your two-wheeler in a 5 Amp outlet, either.

    4. When charging, ensure sure it’s only plugged into the appropriate high-power outlet.

  2. This is a really serious concern. With every technical advancement, we encounter a glitch. Hope companies will find a way to make batteries more heat resistant and to per the Indian climate.


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