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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ev-charging-infrastructure-technology-virtual/At the EV Charging Infrastructure & Technology Virtual summit on 23st & 24th August 2021” conference, international experts from OEMs, energy suppliers, and operators will share their experiences and discuss the most pressing challenges as well as future opportunities and emerging business models.

EV Charging Infrastructure & Technology Summit 2021 


Table of Contents

EV Charging Infrastructure & Technology summit: Conference 2021

Date 23st & 24th August 2021
Register here evchargingsummit/register

3D Virtual Summit: Topics to be Covered 

  • Charging Infrastructure Market:
  • Update and Transformation On the road to Mass Market:
  • How can automakers captivate consumers and achieve mass-market electric vehicle adoption?
  • Electromobility Developments Across India Charging infrastructure requirements for public ­transport systems Location model for detecting infrastructural demands Fast EV charging:
  • Implementation and challenges Latest plans and policies on boosting EVs and charging infrastructure Latest trends in e-mobility and charging
  • Today’s technologies and tomorrow’s solutions for smart charging Investment needs and business models for e-mobility, E highways for electric vehicles: Challenges and opportunities.
  • Solving the Climate Crisis with E-Mobility within the next 10 Years is real? 

Speakers At Summit 2021 

CEO and Founder Triton Electric Vehicles, LLC

In 2005, Mr. Patel founded Triton Infosys, a company that has been characterized as a premium provider of end-to-end security and surveillance solutions to commercial customers including retail stores, hotels and resorts, educational and higher education institutions, and governments and singles. has been recognized as. Focus on agencies like Homeland Security. At present, Triton Infosys has business in eleven countries including the US.

Himanshu Patel has an in-depth understanding of IT, monitoring, and solar products that support and maintain those systems. They have applied this vast experience to the renewable energy sector and specially engineered solar technology, products, and software that meets a high standard for energy-efficient solar systems.

Attending the Conference will enable you to:

Learn how new developments in charging infrastructure affect OEMs, network operators, cities, and cars around the world

  • Exchange experiences and practices with experts from around the globe, covering a wide variety of fields in and around electromobility, energy production, and charging infrastructure
  • Profit from extensive networking opportunities during breaks and at the evening reception
  • Meet the charge point operators and infrastructure developers and EV Manufactures charging network operators. 

Global Views from OEMs, CPOs, Utilities, EVSEs, and Standardization Committees.

What are the Benefits:

The EV Charging Infrastructure & Technology summit 2021 is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentation on the latest EV charging instructor project to support the expansion of Electric Vehicles.

Save the date – EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Virtual Summit on 23 and 24 August 2021 from OEMs, operators, and energy suppliers towards realizing a smart and universal charging infrastructure while at the same time facing increasingly complex end-user expectations working in.

The event provides a platform to stakeholder groups related to the e-mobility and charging infrastructure sector to see how a charging network can be built intelligently, provides easy access to electricity, and provides user-friendly, interoperable charging. provides solutions. Join in-depth and stimulating discussions about the perspectives, challenges, and opportunities presented by expanding the charging infrastructure network.

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E-Mobility – The Road to the Future?

We are seeing more and more electric vehicles on our roads every day. But unlike their fossil fuel-powered cousins, the infrastructure needed to keep them on the road isn’t nearly as developed. On one hand, this means that energy providers are under pressure from drivers to expand their networks and adapt their business models to accommodate these new vehicles.

And on the other hand, automobile manufacturers are increasingly relying on easy and efficient charging infrastructure to be able to sell their vehicles to consumers – or enter the market themselves. The solutions to the challenges presented by the emergence of electric vehicles are diverse. Across the world, countries, cities, operators, and OEMs are developing intelligent infrastructure to equip themselves for the future, focusing on integrating charging stations with the power grid.

Networking is Key:

An added benefit for our participants: Register for the “EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology 2021” Organized by EVChargingSummit events that take place on a 3D virtual platform and participants are invited to listen to presentations and agendas.

Join international round-the-clock experts, business partners, experts, and investors from the automotive energy industry. Use these various networking opportunities to have interesting discussions and don’t miss out on this International EV Virtual Summit.


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