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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/eu-to-sustain-ban-on-combustion-engines-by-2035/The European Union has forced automakers to stop selling new gasoline-powered cars as they have sustained plans to ban combustion engines from 2035 in order to protect the climateThe EU has also voted against the amendment that would haveallowed automakers to cut emissions by 90% instead of 100%. This a strong move against the automakers and gives them the disadvantage of not having enough time to phase out the internal combustion engine vehicles. Later, the EU and states will determine the final shape of the law. The decision might be the end of the combustion engine era in Europe.

The main disadvantage of combustion engines is that they pollute a lot and lose a lot of fuel as wasted heat. They are less efficient than electric vehicles as well. Electric vehicles convert over 85% of energy whereas only 40-50 % is converted by internal combustion engine vehicles

The EU was determined to take this decision into consideration because many automakers have shifted to selling electric vehicles. It is favoured by automobile companies like Renault, Bentley, etc whereas Volvo and Ford are in favour of the amendment.

This regulation will help in securing the climatic conditions for the future generations. It also encourages production of zero emission vehicles which is a big step forward in making the world greener.


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