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Etrio and Kosher Climate Collaborate

Tech-driven leading EV Manufacturer in India, Etrio has announced the strategic partnership with Bangalore-based renewable energy consultants and developers of environmental commodities – Kosher Climate, to collaborate for creating a carbon credit framework – a first-of-its-kind mechanism designed for commercial EVs. This collaboration will help companies reduce Greenhouse emissions and use tradable carbon credits to achieve the net zero goal.

This framework follows the Verified Carbon Standard Methodology and will help companies gain economic and environmental benefits from fully electric and hybrid commercial fleet deployments, making them truly sustainable businesses.

Words by Top Management 

“Etrio is one of the first EV manufacturers in India to create a carbon credit framework specifically for the 3-wheeler commercial EV segment,” announced Managing Director & Co-promoter, Etrio, Mr. Kalyan C Korimerla.

“Tradable carbon credits will help our customers meet their sustainability goals and achieve substantial savings. At the same time, the monetization of carbon credits creates an additional revenue inflow into the EV Industry. We chose Kosher Climate as our partner in this endeavor based on their global experience in offering end-to-end carbon credit solutions to 100+ customers across nine counties. We believe a framework for tradable carbon credits is a sustainable growth model which augurs well economically and environmentally,” Korimerla added.

Vamsi Krishna, Managing Director, Kosher Climate, said, “We are looking forward to making this collaboration a huge success. Every industry, country, and stakeholder faces unique challenges in managing carbon neutrality goals and requires a bespoke carbon assessment framework to achieve its zero-emission goal. Etrio’s deep insights and experience in deploying EVs across different commercial use cases and various terrains in India has laid the foundation for creating an apt framework for commercial 3-wheeler EVs that was amiss in India and within the Indian context.”

How Companies Benefit the Environment

As a frontrunner in the carbon markets, Kosher Climate provides advisory support to companies, businesses, governments, multi-lateral agencies, and NGOs in achieving their net zero goals. On the other hand, Etrio is a leading cargo EV Manufacturer that provides tech-driven EV solutions for diverse commercial use case deployments. Etrio’s commercial electric vehicles are deployed widely across various commercial use cases – Agri logistics, waste management, e-commerce, cold chain logistics, gas delivery, and for other last-mile logistics requirements. Its product portfolio has a wide range of electric vehicles with payloads ranging from 350 kg to 700 kg across three and four-wheeler segments. Etrio EVs stand out in the commercial vehicle market as they are integrated with high-end telematics technology, enabling them to deliver a superior range and unmatched performance in their respective categories.

About Etrio

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hyderabad, Etrio is a renowned EV-maker that works with the vision to lead cargo fleet electrification. Etrio is transforming the environment, lives, and businesses and driving EV adoption at scale in the country – while focusing on providing best-in-class products, services, and solutions catering to India’s burgeoning cargo and logistics sector.

Etrio has, as of date, gained the trust of and is working with several leading e-commerce and logistics players in the country like Amazon, Flipkart, IKEA, Big Basket, Delhivery, LetsTransport, Amplus Solar, Gati, Zyngo, Zypp, MoEVing, and many others to support them optimally with regards to electrifying their fleet operations. Etrio has earned an impeccable reputation for going beyond the traditional OEM role to offer end-to-end solutions such as roadside assistance, charging infrastructure checks, driver training, and optimizing cost economics for its logistics industry clients

About Kosher Climate India Private Limited

Kosher Climates are renewable energy consultants and developers of environmental commodities like carbon credits and I-RECs based in Bangalore, India. With over ten years of experience and 100+ renewable energy and carbon credit projects in 9 countries, Kosher Climate is an established and well-known consulting firm offering carbon markets, strategic advisory, and undertaking renewable energy project development for corporate entities and government organizations across the globe. Set with a vision to add quality and reliability to climate change solutions, Kosher Climate helps its clients realize revenues from environmental attributes.

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