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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electrun-motors-provides-cost-effective-ev-conversion-solutions/The company was registered in January 2022 as INCESSANT MOTORS PVT LTD. and its brand name was ELECTRUN MOTORS at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The company’s vision is to provide a sustainable solution to the automotive industry with our technology and services. The company is on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint by providing sustainable and economical E-Vehicles. Electrun Motors focuses on retrofitting concept which is been applied in the two-wheelers category.

The retro-fitment/conversion of IC-based two-wheeler to pure electric. The company has certified their kit from ARAI and other approvals are in progress.

Table of Contents

| Journey of Pune-based Electrun motors EV Startup 

The ELECTRUN journey began in 2019 with the conversion of an old scrap (BAJAJ spirit) vehicle to electric. During the conversion, it was discovered that the vehicle’s body was in fine shape, but the engine was destroyed.

As a result of the retrofitting approach, the scooter was ready to operate with an electric charge. To date, the company has converted ten or more vehicles and has been operating them for the past 1.5 years. Sahil Uttekar, CEO, Mohit Narula, COO, and Piyush Sharma, CTO, are the three co-founders of the company.

According to Sahil (CEO), India’s two-wheeler market is around 20 million units, including motorcycles and scooters. At least 2 million de-registered vehicles are still on India’s roadways, accounting for 10% of the total.

The issue is that after receiving subsidies, new EVs cost between Rs90,000 and Rs120,000, which most people cannot afford. To boost e-mobility scrapping vehicles and giving incentives on scrap is not a viable solution to achieve it and dumping these vehicles won’t be a sustainable move to achieve EV.

The current increase in fuel prices has prompted people to consider purchasing an EV, but they are unsure what to do with existing Vehicles. People in India have sentimental attachments to their vehicles, and the second-hand two-wheeler market is large. The retrofitting concept is not only a cost-effective solution but also a long-term strategy for achieving EV.

However, as a result of the current market situation, the reliance on RAW MATERIAL from China is increasing, as is the reliance on the battery element Lithium. It is an appeal to the government to provide subsidies on retro fitment so that it can be more cost-effective and India can achieve the EV mission by 2025 rather than 2030.

The company has also been a winner in many start-up contests like KPIT SPARKLE, IIC Innovation, Lemon Ideas, Chhatra-Vishwakarma, etc. The start-up is supported by AIT E-cell and AIT EV Lab under the guidance of Brig. Abhay Bhatt Director of AIT, Pune.

| What does the company do for you?

The company does the pure Electric conversion from Petrol Vehicle. The transmission parts of the scooter like engine, gearbox, vales, etc. are removed and a module is fitted with electric and mechanical components.

The harnessing is completely new used which is designed by the company. The mechanical components are designed and developed keeping retro-fitment in mind. The retro-fitment time is 3-4hrs. After completing the retro-fitment process the vehicle is tested and delivered to the customer

Electrun motors: Team 

Co-Founder and CEO Sahil Uttekar
Co-Founder and COO Mohit Narula


Co-Founder and CTO Piyush Sharma

Company’s Product Portfolio

As of now, the company has converted five scooters. One Scooty Pep Activa, two Bajaj Spirits, two Scooty TVs.

https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electrun-motors-provides-cost-effective-ev-conversion-solutions/ https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electrun-motors-provides-cost-effective-ev-conversion-solutions/ https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electrun-motors-provides-cost-effective-ev-conversion-solutions/ https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electrun-motors-provides-cost-effective-ev-conversion-solutions/

Company’s Conversion Kit and Cost 

The conversion kit is certified by ARAI 48V 1200W, controller regenerative 48v sine wave, DC converter, Battery indicator (LED), 48V 36Ah LFP Battery, and Battery Charger 48V 6Ah In mechanical components swing arm, battery box, shock absorber.

The conversion comes in two options Option1 pay for the kit 26,150/- battery Rs 1500/- month for 24months and Option 2 Pay 52,150/- onetime cost. In both options, the charger is provided.

The range achieved is 80km* on a single charge with a warranty of 3yrs and speed of 50km/hr* with three years warranty on the kit.



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